Clicks of thousands of cameras, coverage of media, presence of all VIP guests, guarded by armed forces and also personal body guards. A signature on few papers and then a handshake summed up by the exchange of documents.
This is how two great leaders of two great nations gets into “Strategic Alliance”…and so India too entered with is communal FRIEND, Pakistan. But do one knows what happens to those treaties when it really comes to Pak- Ind border…mere exchange of bullets, threat of anytime gun fire, cover fire to illegal entrants from cross borders and above all “Terrorism”. Legendary tales of Peace Talks with this country has been my brow raising story since i came to understood what politics is. And now when I am fairly mature enough to understand it, I can say Pak Politics is even filthy then the word Filthy itself is. Diplomacy has been embraced by us since the country spread its wings on the pillars of blood shed and war and since then the land stinks of blood and bodies,i.e The Border.
Politics is a game of lies, deception and hypocrisy. It is a game of stabbing in one’s back, and India has got enough of them and its now when WE REALLY WANT AN ACTION…but is the demand only for a while until the wounds of Mumbai 26/11 are scribbled over by another such act. Or may be we keep our eyes opened gazing at the sky to see an open air attack…land and water has already being invaded. The leaders of Pak are diplomatic in their way that they defy each others statement. Mr. Zardari,” (1) responsible of 26/11 are non state actors
(2) they are not from Pakistan , Mr. Nawab Shareef- Terrorist belonged to Pakistan…conclusion DIPLOMACY AT ITS BEST…
A country where internal commitments are breached openly just to gain power, what is played is pitch black plots to throw oneself in short span. On the political front, it is just the beginning of the dirty politics. The ruling and the opposition their in Pak will start accusing each other. Pakistan is now said to be under International pressure but still its diplomatic enough to be uninterrupted on grounds of war threats and still has alliances with China.
But its all enough here and now the demand is answer…Hope its not short lived…Jai Hind.