….the grass was soft and I ran the run of my life. The morning fresh dew was still lingering and softly washing away my feets. I breathed hard and tried filling all the fresh air present into my lungs. I flushed in more into the gushing air. The sky was still to be colored red, the birds had just stretched their wings.

I behaved like that greedy thief who desired to bag what all was available from the nature. Like a naked child, I ran to cover myself with blanket of cool breeze. I was like that young colt jumping and stopping and speeding all around. Covering a few leagues there was a small pond, which was blue. I took a long leap and plunged myself in it. I was pushed in more with a whirlpool within. Surprisingly, I landed on my feets.

I felt something tickling below the feets. When my vision cleared, I realized it were pearls scattered all around of different sizes. I stepped forward and a bubble bursted. There were stars all around me. It seemed as if they all were set free but were not free falling. They were the star fish. I tried shaking hands with them but they dint liked me I guess, it slipped away. I started running again and this time I was leaping as well to cover grounds.

From distant, I saw a old bald man. I approached him. Showing good gestures I gave my hand for a shake, it thrilled me. The old thing got his eights fists at once and I was startled. I ranned from there and boarded a fat, large whale to reach the surface. I reached the other side of the pond and now was standing on heaps of sands.

No sooner had I taken a step, when the sand beneath my feets started dipping. My legs were getting deep inside and I struggled to take a step further. Atrophy kind of feeling engulfed my mind. I tried in haste and whenever got any grip pushed myself further. The clouds were darkening and I feared something wrong. I started shouting but no voice struck my ears. As I shook myself to look beyond a heap I lost balance. With my face down waiting to get smashed, I knew I was nearing definite end. I cried.

A few meter when I saw the ground, I closed my eyes. A BANG……….

I could feel the pain on my skull which hit the ground; I thought the smash was so vigorous that even my soul is feeling the pain. I was upside down. Legs on my bed and the body on floor. I can feel the lump, it still pains 🙂