Hated or unhated, somethings in life gets leached onto. We always think in a way that our thoughts get moulded by our surroundings. Call it the people we lived with or the kind of surroundings we dwell. There is no reason always for few things, or may be we don’t want to give such things a reason or a cause for their existence.

Evidently, it can be said few things are circumstantial, which we have no control over. Likewise, there are few things we force on our self but unknowingly. Still whatever may be the case there is no reason again to it. Few questions pops up our minds sometime and we end up thinking vaguely because we don’t find a start or an end to it. We hate such things a times and sometime we love it. We crib or we praise it. Likewise, the general thoughts have something or the other to blame but these brain works stand bold.

But twist comes when we actually figure such feelings and then the rough patch starts to let it go away or to hold onto it. Such tribulations are rare but evident.

And the fun part is I have no idea why I am writing this? May be I am still to find out the formulation of such thought.

May be I defy my own findings and get a reason to it.