Still 20 minutes to go, seems like the clock too has lost its efficiency as I have. Since morning the pace has been too low, don’t know whats wrong with it?

I have a window parellel to my eyes and all day long I can see the tree standing tall on my face. The leaves and stems sway in mockery. I guess it has also told the birds and teherefore they deliberately come and chirp around. It makes me jealous. Damn it, the clock still have 19 mins to go.

I was never like this before, things have slowed down past few months & I dont understand who all to blame for it. The days are so prolonged now that even when I start walking my legs seems pivoted with some chains, which makes my steps heavier than never. I sit stuck to my revolving chair glued to this stupid screen, which in itself is so flat that I feel like smashing its face sometimes. I need some breakthrough. I want to break free (that reminds me of Freddie Mercury and the sultry video.)

Nevermind. You must have figured out by now how bored I am today. but to be real it happens every day. Similar to the situation, when a large fish is made to swim in a small pond- ASK HIM, “How do you feel fishy?” And trust me you will surely have a black eye. What rubbish still 15 mins to go, I need to slow down.

I wish I was an early man. No clothing, no dishes, no vehicles, no language & NO OFFICE. Life sometimes become so tedious that people like me has to search things for killing time in offices. I wonder why don’t some Google kind of thing comes up with boredom killing searches or some Microsoft kind giants launches a software for curbing Office anger.

I appeal to the goverment and the ministery of industries to please revise some laws for nth number of victims like me.

See evenafter all this bullshit the clock is struggling to struck 7pm, aaaarrgghhh I will go mad. may be I should go and trouble people……