I hate when something touches my well-ironed new formal trousers early in the morning. It so happened that day, while waiting for the cab something came rolling from behind and hit my leg. I was irated, “must have been some creepy paper mam who always is half asleep while retuning back on his cycle”, I said to myself.
I turned back immidiately just to find nothing. While I was tring to figure out the circumstancial evidences for the crime, I felt an easy pull of my trousers again. I poured my eyes down.
A little urchin, black and white with dirt with a torn tee and no pants, gazing at me with winking eyes. After completion of level 1 of gaining my attention, it said nothing. He put his hand onto his mouth clearly mentoning that he was hungry. I was just in a fix, shall I get furious because he was still clinching onto my trousers and giving it a wrinkly image down below. The only thing that made me say nothing was the face, rather the eyes. Though the child said nothing, his eyes did. Watery, uncleaned. The story was clear that it needed a good sleep but someone must have wakened them up forcefully. I knealed down, he drew himself bit away. Still I dint knew what should I say, but I was struck by something unknown. In mid of the busy street I felt that silence, the silence in his eyes. His eyeballs were burning, I felt that heat inside. I was uneasy by then. I glued in more. Suddenly, I heared his eyes saying something. It said,” How does it feel to sleep on a matress?” Our eyes were talking.
His nose was watering too and he was wiping it with the nook of his torn tee, which had a cartoon superman fling with baloons, barely visible with dirt. I almost sat down and held his hands. I turned his palms just to see how his lines look. I was surprised his and mine line were the same, identical. My uneasyness grew larger. Why same lines gave two different lifes? That day I understood palmistry and all are mere craps of our society.
We still said nothing, may be the kid was amazed to see a mad person staring at him and not scolding him. When the spell broke I heared that a bike wanted to pass us and was honking form distant. I picked up the child and moved to a nearby footpath. My light cream shirt was light browninsh by now but the heart inside the shirt was pumping blood and so was his. I felt his heart beat. I got up and stepped in the nearby Mc Donald. I came out with two burgers, the child was waiting. I sat near to him, opened the wrapper and handed him over. There were tears in his eyes. I patted his head and instructed him how to hold and eat. We finished the food.
I could have picked him and walked home but I dint had the dare I guess. I wanted to play and make him happy. I think my sins were seeking solace. I gave the child a 10-rupee note, he shook forward and kissed my hands.
I walked off and got a cab. From distance I looked back, the child was waving at me.Tears came rolling from my eyes.Few things cannot be put into words. I was returning home with two things, a dirty shirt and a heavy heart.
I still have the heavyness.