A different kind of unknown feeling has suddenly engulfed me from all around. I am restless from within and everything outside seems so joyous. Though I am normal, smiling but from within a peculiar kind of cry is killing me. I want to be quite but still speaking. I have had this feeling before, long back. But I cant name it, its different.

Seems something is loosening, another thread. Or may be I have grown so skeptical with situations that its eating me from within. My breath is heavy and mind is uncomfortable. I am hungry but my body is opposing food. Some thing is bothering again. Why is it bothering me, I am anyways bothered?

In sometime the festival of lights will fill the earth. The sky will have its own charisma. Everything full of colors and sparkling essence. I can imagine the decorative figures and happy faces. I want to touch them. I want to feel the colors on myself.

My senses are getting numb. I am fearing a nostalgia from within. I feel like crying but my tears have dried up.

I can hear… it has started, the sound and the voices…………for me, the colors are “Black”….today also it remains the same
(*from the heart of a Blind)