Seems like another string is drawing hands apart, something is withdrawing. It happened some years back, it still haunts me. Life is taking curves, some serious ones. I think and always loose path. Figuring circumstances is now becoming complex. Something is changing within. The future is as uncertain as the blind mans walk, never know which obstacle will stumble and hands to guide are mere literal. The roar inside the heart is vigorous, but the expression of same on face is minimal. There is a big fake world to please. I sleep on my worries with pillows of hope every night. Thoughts folds and reason unfolds, this mystery never ends.
I wake up every morning with blank eyes. These eyes, which now resembles that dry maroon which experienced rains long back…its dry and its empty. I am a man but I put makeup everyday. I decorate my self with forced smiles, because the world around wants it to get relieved. But what for the rising tides inside me, why me to be the philanthropist.
I lye in dark so that I can avoid my face and those questions whom I can’t answer. I feel the need of resurrection, but I am no god. I wish to calm, I wish to smile, I wish to hold your hands and walk, I need to be unreasonable, silly.
(For the 1nc who are streaming through the phase, I am no different)

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