We live in the society of uncertified ideologies. We consume the doses of myths and believe them just because it has been believed and followed since ages.  We say we are advancing, but on the mental block we are stilled paused on a certain time from where we don’t want to move forward. Astronomy, stones are our hopes to lead a good life. What about the good conduct?

In our Indian society marriage is a  mammoth ritual. Not because it decides the fate of two unknown person leading a life together but the t&c applicable before the main thing happens. Kundalies, doshas, gunnas are few of the major words that decides who two are compatible. I feel liking quoting the example of a torch where only a certain size of battery fits and then it works.  Why not two people decide there compatibility by waves of understanding and maturity. Modern India is grown up, still sleeping are the one who are scared of changing.

Let me speak about one major myth- Manglik. A native is considered to be “Manglik” when Mars is placed in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house from the natal ascendant or Moon. Some modern astro-researchers even include these positions from Venus. If all those concepts are totally true then in this way more eighty (80%) percent of the human beings are Manglik. Does this really describes that it is a life threatening explanation. Doesn’t seems to me. Manglik is said to be the greatest of dosh in our India marriage ideology. I have seen people parting away for this silly thing. Does it really takes a life off? Are there really examples I am confused. I have read blogs, searched journals and all denies any such happening. But still is a ghoulish affair when I ask the same to a astrologer or some one of elder age. Why is this clinch in the two things?

Why we blindly follow?

I really would like to meet people who have gone beyond these odds and are leading a happy life. Are these examples not enough for us ?

I would rather welcome suggestions and view on this blog of mine, which can state the adversity of this myth as a mere thought block. For me its just a condition and an astrological explanation of a birth of an individual.

It is normally observed that orthodox Indians – who are mostly the ones who follow astrology – girls with Manglik dosha have difficulty getting husbands. But boys with Manglik dosha are said to be in high demand – so much so that parents of Manglik boys are believed to demand higher dowry from the Manglik girl’s desperate parents. There is no logical basis for this – once a marriage takes place, both spouses are part of any misfortune that happens. Thus the non-Manglik also can suffer a bad stroke of luck if their horoscope is not properly matched with their partner’s. Matching of horoscope before marriage in cannot guarantee a successful and happy married life. Still we are suffering. We live on planet earth yet our lives are controlled by other planets effect. It gives me a reason to smile.

I am awaiting some answers may be I can then come up with a conclusion.