The clock struck 2 am of the morning, and my senses were active. I pretended to lie to myself but failed. My mind is boggling with storms, unknown, un located spheres  of restlessness. Ravishing through the mind are few un tackled questions which have suddenly have reactivated themselves. they are pinching, hitting the mind as if thoughts are on some kind of war. The face in the mirror is more horrifying, mocking at every instance. The same  word that kept ringing is the ‘ Why’.

There is lot to answer to myself. Questions which are the direct product of my acts. My believe has yet again taken a hit. Still the ‘why’ is high up. Worse is I cant blame. Change is sudden and foremost fact of life and not ignorable.

My piece of cloud is black again. It looks gloomy raged with frictions of suffocation. I walk these leagues of barren land which were green once. The cloud on my head is dry, i hope it pours soon. Drenches my senses to a level where I can stand up and walk again…..breath again…again be me…