I still remember that innocent face, staring me from the back of the pillar. Eyes wide open, expressing something defying that it dint needed any words. Clasping on to something close to her heart as if her world was in her fists. Tiny hands holding the kitten. Her hair was dismantled by the wind, still a red torn ribbon managed to hung on like a rose amongst dried leaves.

I stared her back, kept glued onto her. She regained strength and stepped forward. She came close. I knelt down and said ,” what is this called?”- my fingers pointed at her palms. She refuse to reply. Her face was expressionless. I got up, my hands went forward and touched her cheeks. She smiled. I could see the happiness sparkling inside her eyes. She replied, “moni”

Her beautiful voice was soothing, it comforted me from my worries at that moment. She moved her hand towards me. I knew what she was asking. I asked her can I touch her kitten and she looked defensive. She stepped back. The concern got smile on my lips, I still smile while I write this line. It was all she had. I could see the pride in those small eyes, pride to protect. I came closer got a 10 rupee note in her shabby torn pajamas pocket. She smiled.

I touched her head and turned. She held my tshirt. I turned back to see her kitten forwarded towards me. I patted the white tiny animal.

I still remember the last words- “mera naam soni aur ye meri behen moni” :)…..innocent heart so pious, so pure. A little touch of love and care is what she needed, Soni- 4 years old with new born kitten in her hands. Try..it really feels good. (Andheri – Lokhandwala Market, Mumbai)