They snatched my toy from me and kicked me at the corner. I yelled, loud enough to almost choke my throat but my voice fell in deaf ears. I cried blood, begged and I got rejection. I was so feeble that I was not ready to part with it, I loved my toy. A small little doll with pink face and sweet smile. I only had it.
I felt wretched then, the world I hated. I scratched, hit myself. My doll was gone. Into the hands of others. She still smiled may be she dint wanted me. I was awestruck to see the response. Was it real what I was witnessing. I was shattered with the view that almost made blind…wait was I blind before and just regained sight.
The air became scratchy, my rage was opening arms. I wiped my tears and stood up. I hated my surroundings. I urged to destroy the world. My world was my traitor. I can hear the walls mocking me, smiling at me. I felt wretched. This was not my end, I rose.
No sooner I reacted my foes took the control, another narcotic blow and my sight dimmed. I sinked into the dark hole once again. I am shaking, I fear those dark demons, they haunt me. Here it comes with its black fist on my face. And it has acted I can’t move my hands to stop it..I can’t shout…
I hope this ends soon. I hope I end. ( From the mind of tagged mad person)

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