Slowly it seeped inside my walls. Never was they so penetrative. Guess something mysterious has got in. After a longtime can see my walls damp, smelling of some out of the world fragrance. These walls around me are thick, erected with cement of rejection with bricks of mockery. These walls are are long. I see the green engulfing these walls once again, it was all green once.

I had never wanted it to be invaded, but somewhere inside have desired to loose. Am I loosing again? Something strange struck my mind’s window, when I think, ‘ Why were these walls built?’ And the answer is ironically amusing. There are strange phases of your life when you have to make a ‘choice’. Choice, which is confusing, choice, which can shake your roots. Yet sometime we knowledgeably make a wrong choice . A choice to loose again in life just hoping that we don’t loose. But its just a hope :).

We condemn others for some decisions made and never realize the gravity of it for the one making it. Somethings life cannot be pre evaluated, sometimes we might not choose to win. Loosing to some is more rejoicing. I can see my walls invaded, slowly & its welcomed. I know I might not gain from it, but the matter of fact is I have nothing to loose. These walls of mine are mine and I choose them to be invaded. I choose to loose. I urge to see them green …once again, just like the time it were invaded. Suddenly, I realized I smelled the same air again. Its in..closing further.
Here i stand, waiting to get invaded…YET AGAIN!!!!