Seeping through the time
Witnessing all odds of life,
I am confined in my own walls,
With an urge to break free into da new world.
I keep my hopes alive,
A weird feeling on my mind,
A mysterious hangover…keeps me away.
While I want to shout out to the world I exist, my voice falls back always…
May be I seek some hands that pull me out of this shell and set me free…
I hope and provoke myself every day.
Clueless about the starting point I am still walking, with a feeble hope in my heart.
I am not what I seem, nothing just a dream.
I want to walk out to the sphere of light where I can walk loud. If not you, your feeling around that can guide me. I want to scream and scream loud to let the world feel it. Its time now and I am up. Breaking my sleep that has concealed the real me. No longer a dormant subject no more a SCREAM OF THE BUTTERFLY.

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