A drop of innocence, feeling so pious,
A peculiar essence, that aura of urs.
I have seen bright spheres, but you outshine them all,
I have seen da beauty but to you they crawl.
Such different is your effect, such magnific is your stance
I know I can pour heart out, If I ever have a chance.
Your touch gets in me a rush, this moment isn’t just much
Those eyes has so much to speak, that heart has piles to seek.
You lit up every little moment that I had with you,
Your are miraculously amazing, glittering my view.
The warmth of your fist still flows in my hands.
That angelic look of your eyes, mellows my stands.
Still remember the first look of your eyes,
That mesmerizing effect of the beatific smile,
I still live the moment when in me you curled.
The day I clasped you, I holded my world.
Here when I write in the name of you, my pen speaks loud
I feel my words are the showers & my heart’s the cloud.
The every little piece in me is blissed.
The junctures are all alive, those moments are kissed.

Distinctly I have loved these rains, which I have always hated.
They have given me back something which they ill fated.
No big saying no promise made, but I cant fake self and the things I have said.

Your cascading in to my life has brightened my view.
You the angel, you are the wild blue yonder
To you all my odds surrender.
Here when I pour to you, each words I say is true….
That smirk is my world and for it I will always stand by you!!!

(2 the one who purely demands but deserves more)