Amongst these four walls, my will has succeeding in getting ruined. Proved always a mere dust bin, where only value is in use and then its just a stinking piece of box. My road to predation has begun, It began quite a time back. Being philanthropist has given several face of self mockery. The one smile on their faces got the self smile ruined, I don’t remember when did I smiled last.
Now what is left in me is what I pretend to be. I am so together, while broken up inside. So live but dead. Yet I move, still stop n fix the faces which in turn, deserts, once they clinched onto my hands. I have another string detached, another pause to a feel. So unwanted now while I was the only want when it had nothing. The only whisper, the only smile- the only shoulder.
Life swings in seconds and priorities change and so did the new definition termed me a “unfitted”. All I deserved was that word of “sorry” and sorry was not the glue to fix everything.
What is my gain, I have no shoulders to cry on, no ears to speak myself, no hand to make me calm. Yet I walk. I include I am included, I exclude no one minds. So unwanted and not required. This malice stings me inside. Burns my skins, fumes my mind. Yet I smile for all you who still need me to smile. A mere puppet whose face yet smiles even if it is smothered many a times. Just one thing that the smiles retains in whatever form.
I hope the worst gets over…someday.
( Da 1 disturbed inside n head strong outside)

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