For all this while, when I have been mesmerized,..surprised, An unknown feel rushes through my veins, for a while it eases my pains. Into this barren land with dark skies, my eyes suddenly witness the green, the wet soil. My vision so blinded and blur once now see a divine spectacle. Something my numb mind was searching for but unaware of its whereabouts.
I rubbed my eyes and saw and stood still. Amazed to the extent of collapsing, I visualize a deity. An angle of virtues, a blur of oceans. The essense engulfs me and I can breath her. Something that has stirred my heart of leagues of infinite distance. The aura of the image, the misty eyes. Struck everyday with the charm of the magical self. Feels life is transforming and unfolding into something which is mystically unknown but magnificently beautiful.
Still feel the gush of blood on that touch which touched the core inside of mine. Its divine.
Pious and mystique. And when it comes, I gather my spirits and stop for while. The feeling to give all and still I stand possessed with the one and her ” Charismatic Smile”

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