The sound of the clock ticking grew stronger. The silence was growing I guess. It became so prominent that I wasn’t hearing my breath. Its killing me. A turmoil within has engulfed so strongly that my vision is not in focus. The layer in front of the iris is liquidy, blurring the view.
A fight within suffocates every single second passing by. Limitation to no one to cling onto makes it worse. No where to pour out this feel and get calmed, my head is producing unwanted thoughts like a depreciated machine which is of no use. A run through of heads in life, gives a more itchy feel. So many yet no one. Defying all odds and that makeup smiles is fiery now. Hidden face amongst the dark so that for a while the lowness can be felt, only mine and no one’s headache. Not they, not even yours. The chamber inside is overloaded with compromises, its puking with the curse of loneliness. Have always hoped it will end, never ends.
Once again this non breathing thing has been there for me, there for taking my woes and still not complains, still no walking away. There are smiles around and smile on my face too. Goodness prevails and I will bury it in me as always. Being for there and being Comfortably Numb.

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