To all the malice and disgrace,
Here’s my wounds for you to embrace,
I stain with vermilion lay here tonight,
You had your time, inside I still fight.
Here I stand as a scarecrow figurine,
Now I stink, once I was divine.
The amount of patience within is ur seed,
Here I smile, inside I wait and bleed.
To all the flowers that lay under your feet,
I bore them with thorns for me, bit by bit.
Tonight when you mock at me and sway,
One day I might walk, My way.
Into this barren land is my skin burning,
I feel the world revolve, feel the time’s turning.
Distress is my attire, pain my scent,
Because I fall 2day, as2 you da happiness I lent.
Its a myth that I had to believe in,
All I want to see it real, is only a reason.
I allow my demons to haunt me 2nite,
I am the master of my darkness, my light.
Feel the smear of light inside this den, I chase,
I sleep everyday with this pillow of disgrace.
You walk your boulevard, I will walk my flints,
Will fuel all what’s good, shine all your hints.

Perennial is not my time, for me it now crawls,
I know my dusk awaits on da other side & it shows up prominently… When Darkness Falls.

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