Patch of dirt dat fill my eyes,
Blinded me of wonders, views of sky.
When all thing around seemed so quite,
I heard those chants, when I got your sight.
A fair white angel with charm of her face,
Turned dead to life, things she bless.
The mornings waited for her eyes to open,
The nights realized its dark, in them when sleep broke in.
The rainbow bowed to her smile.
The world halted every time for that while.
She is a deity of blissful rains,
Drenches the dry, relieves the pains.
Her aura sprinkles wonders to the surrounds,
My heart skips a beat, evrytime she arounds…
For the cherub is one of her kinds,
She keeps the charm on, whatever she binds.
The nature sway to her name, odds that shift from static,
She is da queen of the mysterious little world, she is the one….Truly Charismatic.

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