For a second that thought almost choked me inside. Left me breathless, gasping for thoughts. Something got murdered in, viciously strangled. Almost seemed the equivalent, as if my head was submerged into a bucket of water with a force that din’t allowed me to come out.

The sound of the words still buzz my head. A voice not ignorable. A thousand reasons to get off and walk but still strings are attached. Witnessing reality massacres the peace inside. So much is punched in, I feel like a bottle of beer waiting to get opened so that I can flush out the rush. While the noise of this silence is deadening all decibels. But how can I not be me? I ought to be. Encircled with whims of world to paint myself dark, I chose to walk. But how was stepping back a move on? The course will change and I will soon go off visibility, would that help. Of course to the world that wait with spark in eye to pinch. How? Why? All unanswered.

Struggling to accept the real thing pivots my legs as I try to change my way. Was I not visible enough during dusk, or this morning is just too shiny to blur my existence. Maybe its very shiny, indeed it is.

Less time and them I am off, away from any vision, till then I will have to crawl. This is me un-altered since back. Sighing off smiles with nothing to hold in. For the world is a mystery and life the mistifing game.