My most awaited big thing…part 1 of my book. Up for reactions…..

Have you ever thought what runs inside the mind of a fool?

We meet people in our daily lifestyle. We know people whom we call fool because they always prove that the word lunatic really has meaning.

Let us first define a fool. A person who speaks silly things or acts something, which an ideal rational person, under normal circumstances will never act like. Agreed.

Therefore, what run inside that person’s mind when he/she does so? Ponder!

I am a normal person but I am bold. I know the one sitting in front of me or the persons surrounding me somewhere are hesitant in putting their point across. May be I should say this and save the discussion from being stretched unduly. So, I finally speak up. Result, laughs or may be a super mocking reaction. People think I am a fool.

Have you ever find yourself in a situation when you really mean that yes I WAS A FOOL. Rare. No one wants to be fool or even consider not even me when I am writing all this and proving to be a fool to you. We all have supernova minds and we want to express ourselves where we think we can make a statement but then there are few big supernovas that declares us fools but in reality no one is a fool its all about the right timing of the words shot for a particular reasoning of a damn situation.

I knew a person. He was my classmate in 11th & 12th standard. The reason I recall him at this point is that I believe I have never seen a bigger fool than him until date. I along with my friend once influenced him to be the captain of our school and the poor guy followed what all we said. Everyday we asked him to be in best of his uniform (he belonged to fairly poor family). In addition, suggested that if his chest will point outside it will make an impression among the juniors and school administrations. Poor guy always stood erect like a soldier with his chest bulging outside & believe me not a single person passing by had an escape from laughter. However, even though did he cared, No.


Reason: His mind said may be I am appearing foolish to these people but this is how I like it because I take it as a challenge. I want to make a mark. He was not fool he took that opportunity & in the bargain got known in school. Even few teachers also were with us with whom we had good relations, the drama to encourage the guy continued until the day the school captain was announced and he was not even in the last three. Although he did, all foolish acts remained different but yes, he was a known face in school after then. I still remember his words, “Did you guys enjoyed it, because I enjoyed it”

Therefore, the point is who the fool was. Not I, actually may be the act was foolish and we succeeded in getting all shorts of weird stuff from him that truly satisfied the appetite for our whims. Nevertheless, the point I am trying to make here is what exactly have run inside the person’s mind when he/she does all these acts. Is a grown up person so irrational that he cannot differentiate between the acts where the return he/she gets, is weird looks and laughing faces. The thought is a bit complex. Think, what have you thought before saying something or even performing an act whenever you made a fool out of yourself?

The answer is funny- We never thought we would make a fool out of ourselves but it just happens when the wave of our thoughts surpasses the normal range of the thinking vivacity of the public present. Wrapping up (though I partially agree to it but it’s the best I condensed downed to) – We all have alibis of defending ourselves. Say it in either ways: My point was not accepted or may be my timing was odd. 

Let us make this discussion a bit more absorbing. Who do you think is the most foolish face in the world’s context?

I ran my mind through few great names: Mr. Khushwant Singh, Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav, Mr. Jaspal Bhatti, Mr. George Bush (naah, he cannot be a fool because his name is the only name that Microsoft Word 2007 does not red underlines to be wrong spelling, funny) or Osama Bin Laden (surprising even his name is recognized by this MS Word, Bush & Bin Laden, cool)

However, they are considered fools. Excuse me for using Bin Laden’s name I just tried to add some humor to this boring discussion. So coming to the point, we laugh watching these known face actually the world makes fun of them. They are the stars of many a jokes and comic act but are they really fools. Therefore, this way I can say fools are better then being a normal person at least the world knows you. Motive behind putting across this is that the society for fun makes fool but if  we look at the actual background reality says these few mentioned names are the levels all wants to achieve. In other words, we desire to become fools but not a common one of course, i.e. to say we can like the world making fun of us but we will never take if someone makes a fool out of us. Interesting isn’t it.

 Let’s now infuse this fool word with adamantness. So is this adamant nature within us some times makes us fool. If I take an example, why to take example, lets take you/me or any one.

How much are we influenced by others when people say your way is wrong!              Not often, may be few of us do but do we really blame ourselves for thinking in a particular way. Do we take in the ideology of others and change our perspective about few things. Perhaps no. Not even if it is the ideology of the great influencers like Osho or Raghuveer Singh, (I hope I will be an influencer some day). People read all kind of stuff, watch programs but do they really start following them at one go.

No way. 

We all have grown up with some sets of believes and thoughts and changing views or rather a thinking on a kind of situation is not that easy. Our inner self is very adamant. Even, I have my own thought and I am proving my self-adamantness by forcing my thinking upon you people but will you even nod once to my thinking.

As if, I Care”, even if you do not.

However, the point is do this adamantness or rigidness of our thinking sometimes makes us represent as fools. On the other hand, is it possible that if we try to bend our rules not breaking them though can adjust to the thinking of other minds?          Quite possible. So somewhere now you must be thinking that a particular situation can be dealt in a way different to what you have tried to. There is no harm to be receptive; reason is it does not cost us any grand. Look at the big companies listed on the stock exchange, they invite public to invest into their shares but do really care for their opinion for functioning of the company…. As if, They Care. So get the investments of other mind to the extent of the fact that they will result in personal gain to you.

Therefore, did we mold few thoughts until now?

 I really hope we did.