“Seeing is believing”. Going by this line shall I believe what I see?
Sometimes we should but could we? Well not. We live life on our terms but sometime on others terms also. Some factors of life may whatever comes are so adamant that they deny any alterations within. We fight and then at one stage go silent. The picture which the world see seems ego, but its more of being submissive to inner self. We go numb and outside are perceived as dumb. The fight within is more retracted, its like dismantling a toy which we considered as our real world’s, with our own hands.
Lucky are those who get multiple ears to absorb the frustrated vibrations of their larynx without even questioning. What about those voices who find no listening but just a refraction inside. A thin thread of relationship name it whatever is fragile and feels even more worse when you see a beautiful world made built by ourselves loosing ground.
We point fingers at others but, do we ever interrogate our inner self for where we stand today? Yet there are indispensable persons where we cannot, may what has happened!
Life is a funny game of marbles, beautiful colors, mesmerizing glaze, yet we loose them when we play because its what the game is designed to be. Rejoicing the possession and regretting the loss is part and parcel.
We all have a music of relations prevailing potent inside. Some sounds perfect and some has fucked up lyrics all interwoven, knitted into different phases with a charm of its own. Memories to cry for, memories to smile on. Truth is some wants gradually become needs and depriving self of it is perhaps the REHAB….it pains, it kills……(Its u, its me its da world)

Head up, stay strong. Fake a Smile, Move on!! !:)

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