Predictability in life is boon at times, sometimes its just becomes reason of distorted state of mind. There are instances in life when we taste the bitterness of our surroundings just to justify the inner impractical urchin that the world lying before is evil. Everything is in our mind.
We miss on the small factors running after the bigger picture. Lots of things which are true and pure. What I have realized is that we always have a regret, which is self built but then we need reasons to put figures. The reason and the choice lies within.
Future has no shape and hence the charm lies with its unpredictability. It gives one a choice to remove the odds and recognize the good and flow with it, with an aspiration of that “who knows”!!!

Still on a path led with unsure destinations just to ensure all the small little factors are intact and content. With an uncertainty of being valued, which is still just a hope.

Let’s Walk!!!