When you walk a passage of no light,
Breath seem heavy, blur goes sight,
When pathos are the pals of ur way
Just a believe keeps the light, it linger, it sway
Aroused from millions of scarce seasons air
A being not unnoticeable, self so fair
Little walks around as aromas of nature
Sublimes from mind to heart, a lil creature
Atrocities of sorrows, architect of sneers
When I touch upon it, away it steer
The world is immense, trifling is she
Impish are the moves, yet unalloyed it be
For smiles have powers to disperse all imbalances
I strive to retain them intact, whatever blurry are the chances
Time shall voice for my verses can fake
When I have built something, how can I let it break?
As we walk we don’t stop at all confluences
Where we gather a memory, we carry along the instances
I stay here quite, walk with your shadow……..
Unnoticed yet not invisible, soaring but with head low
For lifes not so glittery and feelings not always to be shown
With an assurance of being there, whenever you look back…