Today again I have come to beg solace from you. Yet again with my face right facing the wall.

Such shame it brings but I have nowhere to go and you know it well. I am ashamed for doing this just for the fact you have always lifted me up. Like a silent mentor you have made me understood what life is?

Today also you will embrace me, ignore my flaws and wipe my eyes for you know how feeble I am within. Been ages I have been so stern in the way I am. Always running, stumbling and running again. The world has always been clear on terms but I kept my believes alive and you know I dint mean any wrong. How could I? Gradually over different phases have realized the importance of a support system, a hand to cling onto when you fall, an eye to see you through you bad times and a heart to love you. And real importance comes when one is deprived of all and so it comes in abundance for all. There is always a small world around every being and the try to keep the world happy has no thoughts involve. It just flows for it doesn’t come for all but the ones who make a special place. But then it’s real world to face and not the reel self-made one. Yet another string detached leaving self yet feebler and shaken with no grounds to step on.

I know you have things to say but what I learn from your silence always gives me the oil to keep burning and not go numb. It isn’t easy, never have been. Yet the smiles mean so much…yes they do. They will always. With again an expectation for the world to realize the value but not a trash can, but may be something is just there for you. Hold self again and walk the same way. (When life just throws lemons at you and you cannot make lemonade outta it- To my pen thanks for writing me down always)