He had her favorite flowers in his hand, while Sunny stood like a statue in front of her door. There was a turmoil in his head, some atypical spell had got him there, he wasn’t sure of his presence. Sunny reached his trousers’ pocket and took out his hankie, he was perspiring. It was quite an unusual body behavior of his in this month of mid-September in a cool city like Bangalore.
Sunny got a few steps back down from her door and tried to get some grip on himself, his hands were quivering. “What is wrong with me, why am I losing it?” he said to himself. His inner self was scared and growing feebler with every passing minute. He took the stairways and went down the building. It was dusk time and there was not much of crowd. Sunny got himself a bottle of water and sat down near the entrance, he was probing his self. He guzzled the small bottle and realized he was panting, his heart was pounding with an increasing speed as if this was the last lap of 1000 meter race and now it needed to pace up. Sweat dripped from his face but he made sure the flowers were untouched, they lingered. He remembered how these flowers, the orchids made Preeti smile, her innocent face and miraculous sneer infused life in him. Sunny realized he was smiling.
He raised his eyes and looked at Preeti’s apartment; the living room had the lights on, he knew she was there.
“I am not at home tomorrow, my sister has suddenly come down and I need to be with her”, Pretti’s lines a day prior to today keep eating Sunny from within. She had not answered any calls since then and messages were not replied. Only a single message in entire day, “Busy….not @ home” 5 mins before Sunny had arrived in front of her apartment’s door. His heart was now dropping, he knew something was wrong. They had not being in good terms past 1 month and Preeti never said she loves him.
The thought of her being at home with someone has broken him from inside, he was at his acumens end, and he just saw two shadows on the curtain, his eyes dampened.
Sunny closed his eyes and Preeti’s face was right in front, her innocence, her smile. Sunny had met Preeti 6 months back in the city library. They got close and were good friends in no time. Preeti needed him and Sunny had his world in her in 2 months’ time. Everything was there in front of his eyes, like a movie on the wall in front of him, he was gazing the blank. “I should let her go”, he said to himself and got up. His legs were trembling as he took a step ahead onto the road. He stopped after 2 steps, he couldn’t move as if his bases were pivoted with some heavy chain. His heart cried and the crave to see her weaken his just taken decision.
He turned and reached the steps. He started climbing frantically as if he was just possessed by some life-force. In no time he was standing in front of the same door which he wasn’t able to knock few minutes back. He looked at the entrance; the same lock was hanging which he had given her when Preeti moved in that apartment. He took a deep breath and progressed ahead. His hands were too heavy to press the doorbell.
Sunny’s heart pulverized once again, an unknown fear had engulfed him completely. He had just heard a male laugh from inside. Tears rolled and he moved back. With heavy legs he once again climbed down. Still he made sure the flowers were ok. He was in love, rather in love of his life.
He sat in his car and started without looking back. It took him 30 minutes to reach his home. All through the way all the good moments he had cherished, which he spent with Preeti. He was broken. He flung open his flat’s door.
“You idiot where have you been, I have been here waiting past an hour planning this stupid surprise for you”, Preeti’s voice tore apart his ears. He stood awestruck as if he has seen some ghost. Preeti perceived the expression and addressed the orchids. She came close, took the flowers and shook forward; she kissed him on his cheeks. Sunny was all cold.
“I am sorry I fought with you, but I just realized I can’t stay without you…..I love you!!!” Preeti declared. Sunny almost lost conscious. He hugged her tight, said nothing and she understood.
“You know my sister got his husband along and I had to lie to them just because I wasn’t at harmony and wanted to see you and don’t know where were you lost, now come I have got your favorite Chinese noodles. Let’s eat and then drop me back I am late”, Preeti’s words solaced him.
He was still in a shockwave; he smiled and held her…..!!