Ironical but true.

In the rush of life in a city like Mumbai where individual faces sometime becomes a stranger unless you realize it’s yours. Hailing from a quite small city where life is real laid back as if “Chill” word has a vacation house, and here to chill you need to have a credit card. Delhi had its own character; commotion was just in newspapers and for all obvious reasons but life steers in peace. Mumbai on the other hand is like a coarse senior who rags you day in and out but gradually becomes your best comrade. This city fusions in blood like drugs and makes one addicted. Life in rush becomes life in peace.

Places where people are all around and yet one gets the space they need, among a crowd yet so sheltered. This city allows to cry in peace. It’s said Mumbai is nocturnal and gradually I can say this city actually is insomniac, it never sleeps. This city makes one psychotic and then becomes an antidote as well. We curse and cuddle at the same time. The amazing character of this city is that here, life has no cost. Bombs and attacks and yet life does not take even a minute to bounce back to customary, though I have always hated this  said “Mumbai Spirit” but virtually have been a part of it.

Mumbai has taken and also given a lot, from reminiscences to living to numbers which keeps multiplying with days. The reason I pen this because I know I am hooked to this city say whatever but it has oozed in perennially.

mumbaiA city of dreams where hopes never fatalities grip and induces the boldness of never say die. A city where life is hands-on. On one hand there are weary faces and on the other hand charisma has its own fashion. A city larger than life. (Dedicated to the city I LIVE who have taught me to LIVE real)