Have you ever seen, the beauty of the molten sapphire.

Tripping from the heavenly blue the Essene of innocence.

With those stolen looks from the corner of her eyes,

I have glanced some rare wonders of the mighty blue skies.

Those lowered look digged to the ground and when she smiles,

She brightens the surrounds…..

Her shade of pink, in me have deeply sinked,

Her wave like hair, covering the cherub face,

And the prestine look of that deity, how shall I define this pretty.

Still remember the first look of her, in my mind that still stirs.

Her presence around has so much lit,

A mere look of hers & here I skip a heart beat.

Among the midst of this mist, I cherish that small hold of her fist.

She is pure, with child like innocence..

And her heart is precious with no parallel, a rare presence.

Said enough though for her less fall my words…

“TinkerBell” you are truly a princess of your Own lil World….