……he cried, cried his heart out. Today, Rayan was like that child, who woke up to see its best toy has been thrown. The words in that diary were buzzing in his head. His question to himself was “Why” & “How”.

He dialed the number once again just to hear the same voice mocking him, he was mad now, he dialed and dialed. Rayan picked his laptop and turned it on. He logged onto facebook, Neera was not in his friend’s list, Rayan did not like this. He typed on search, “Neera Nair” almost 1000 results, and he surfed onto all just to find his Neera not obtainable. Neera perhaps disconnected herself from her social arena. Rayan for the first time in his life felt so helpless, nothing seemed working and suddenly “Dimple” clicked, Neera’s school friend.

Rayan picked up his phone and dialed her number. The phone went unanswered on the next 2 occasions, he understood Dimple was avoiding his calls. Rayan went to his watsapp and browsed Neera. There was no display picture and last seen said the date of 9 months ago. Rayan was at his wits end. Rayan typed on to Dimple’s watsapp message box, “Dimple I know all you can feel for me is hatred but I need to talk to Neera, please I beg.” the message did not go. Dimple had blocked him. The realization of this had hurt Rayan’s male ego but at this point he was like a tanked-up ship.

He got up from the chair and put on his shirt, took his car keys and Neera’s diary. He zoomed through the apartment nearly missing the security guard opening the main gate and apprehended the lips of guards uttering “Ch**tiya”. It dint mattered today, maybe Rayan was already thinking he really was one. He drove through, Neera’s apartment was 40 mins drive. He reached, parked his car and ran to third floor. A smiley shining lock on the flats door welcomed him. There was no one, Rayan’s heart was beating faster than ever. He inquired at the main gate before leaving but the guard had just joined a day back and very new to comment anything.

Rayan’s life was running like video game, as if it was controlled by a gamer who was making him run for that secret way out from a castle. Rayan reached home, it was almost 9 pm in the night. He got himself a drink.

While sitting on his balcony all he can think off was “Neera”. Where would be she? Did she moved on in life? Is she married? All these wild thoughts made him go crazy. He was disconnecting all the calls without even looking at them, messages dint bothered him. Rayan realized the shirt he was wearing was Neera’s gift. That day Neera had got promotion and she skipped her own party just to receive Rayan from airport. She got this shirt along as a gift. He kept looking at the shirt and tears rolled on.

The daybreak light hit Rayan’s eyes, he had passed off last night on liquor in his balcony. Being Sunday, it was another day to pass for Rayan. He got himself a cup of coffee and logged onto Facebook again. Browsing through a common friend’s pictures his heart sunk to see Neera’s picture and it was 3 months old. Neera never used to wear sari but she was wearing one here. Charmingly done make up with cream color South Indian sari. She is married, whispered Rayan to himself. He sobbed again and this time he was loud and in agony. Rayan had lost her.

Days passed and Rayan was broken, he almost cut himself from the world. He hated meeting anyone or talking not even attending calls.

After almost 10 days Rayan got recurring calls from his mom, he had been ignoring her. He gathered himself and took the call. After all shout backs, his mom mollified a little. She kept the phone giving him his office associate’s number who finally had to call Rayan’s home to investigate about him as he had bunked office from past 3 days.

Rayan dialed the number……..and it ringed, “Hello this is Rayan here may I know who’s this..”

A heavy breath from across the line shouted, “RAYBAN”, Rayan broken down it was Neera. She calls him “Rayban” instead Rayan. “I knew you will come back stay at home I am coming just left my place”

(Life not always gives second chances, Rayan got one and he clinged onto it. Neera had lost her phone while travelling 9 months back and never got the same number as it was in Rayan’s name and they were not in terms. She was out for shopping the day Rayan ran to her to find a lock at her door and on her way back the guard informed about Rayan’s visit. She had been calling from her new number but Rayan wasn’t receiving any calls. The sari picture was Neera’s brother’s marriage ceremony’s where she had to wear as a ritual. Dimple (Neera’s friend) had left India 6 month ago. Life’s funny in its own way 🙂