Nitin was not a tie person and that’s why the thing hanging around his neck was irritating him to core, not to forget Mumbai’s summer. Nitin was largely irritated by the time which he had expended and still ready to spend, Interviews for him were indeed itchy.

He stood up and grabbed another glass of water, he had never felt so many butterflies in his stomach. He spread his eyes across, there were now 7 others waiting to be interviewed. He went and sat again and grabbed a business magazine kept on the table ahead. He flipped through with no interest in reading anything and wished there were some film magazines as well.

While he was stuck on a bank’s advertisement in the magazine he smelled a strange and soothing perfume. He held his head up and with all strength inhaled that freshness again. Nitin was liking this perhaps it was “Smell @ first sight” for him. He turned to his right just to witness gracefulness sitting next to him. Cream satin shirt on a black lace trousers, and that mesmerizing incense. It was an awkward moment for Nitin as that deity sat just next to him absorbed into her bag with the long hair covering the entire view as if they were the shroud to the beauty.

All the interview tension had now converted into some master plan of how to see the face, all the other senses where already on peak. The only thing which clicked was to grab another glass of water as the dispenser was kept on the right corner to where he was sitting, Nitin thought to stick to this plan. To execute, the moment he jolted his body, she held her hair and fixed them behind her ears. She was beautiful, he had never seen something so fair and calm.

Nitin’s spell broke with the opening of the GM’s cabins and a candidate walking out, he was restless again. He knew he can be called any time and also realized the one sitting next to him is a competition.

Nikki realized she was the only female sitting there. She settled herself on the couch and had a swift glance across, her last view being a tensed looking guy next to him. Their eyes met and she passed a smile. Nikki could feel her heart speeding its rate with every passing second, this job was important to her. She was sweating too but her makeup wasn’t allowing her to wipe it out so she sought to the wet wipes and tabbed. She turned left and sat with clear view of the cabin where interviews were happening.

Nitin stood and took a stroll till the main entrance, where he returned he found the sweet smell sitting on the opposite couch which was closer to the ac vent. Disappointment crept up. He sunk into the couch again. He stared right into her face trying to figure out the redness of her cheeks. While the analysis was still on he realized the lady had already noticed his stare. Nitin immediately took off his eyes and started flipping the magazine again.

Nikki on the other hand hid herself into her phone, she knew the guy had discovered her looking at him. There was something developing in that tight atmosphere. Their eyes met again and this time too their eyes smiled.

“She will walk away with this job for sure, but I can still try”, Nitin said to himself. He was mesmerized by the aura. Nikki on the other hand was thinking the reverse, she knew she will be grilled for such a profile where she only has theoretical knowledge and Nitin seemed a guy well prepared with decent formal attire ready to go in and win the job. There was something that kept her hooked in looking at Nitin even though he was an average looking man.

Nikki was thirsty, she tried looking around for some assistant. Nitin noticed the pink lips pressing in and out. He waved the pantry staff and asked for few glasses of water to the table. Nikki was impressed immediately, wondering did she really make it obvious buy why only this guy while she knew the whole lot were stealing her looks.

She picked up the glass of water offered to her and while sipping placed her sight on Nitin. Her eyes said “Thank You” and his lips broadened in reciprocation. There were words being exchanged in that silence.

Suddenly Nikki wasn’t anxious and Nitin’s butterflies had settled down somewhere.

Nikki stopped the passing admin staff and asked her for the newspaper, her voice dipped deep into Nitin’s ears. Nitin immediately picked up the newspaper and guided towards the staff. Another smile and this time she whispered a “thanks” and he a “welcome”. The atmosphere for both was strange and actions of what next was unknown and then the news came.

A lady, the secretary of the GM came out and announced that due to some emergency the interviews needs to be cancelled today and the candidates will be informed again for the schedule. This was disheartening and lot of animosity flowed around. Candidates got up and started leaving. Nitin’s attention immediately went on Nikki, the ice had still not broken and he was out of thoughts as Nikki had already started walking towards the main gate. Nitin gathered himself and as he stepped ahead to rush towards that descending smell, he was stopped by Ravi, his school friend.

“What the fuck are you doing in my office punk?” he said in surprise. Nitin unwillingly had to shake hands and described his purpose of visit. Ravi kept on with his questions and Nitin was glued to the main gate, Nikki was already out of sight.

Nikki had already let go of the elevator twice now, she kept on turning back but couldn’t see the guy coming out (Nitin). She was little disappointed, the elevator stopped again and she stepped in she once again peeped out and glanced towards the main entrance and the door closed. She reached down, she badly wanted to see him again.

Nitin had answered all questions now, he requested Ravi that he will call him and he needed to leave. He shook hand and ran out in despair. Her lady wasn’t there. He took the stairs and reached the ground floor, she has gone. A sense of sadness engulfed him he was upset, he badly wanted to see her again.

Nitin realized he had forgot his file in the office and he went back to get it. He took his file and left, he had to take a bus back to his hometown now.

Nikki waited long but finally had to leave unwillingly, she was from Mumbai itself and took a cab to home. All through the way she thought that she was acting silly. On the other hand Nitin felt the same, the face of the lady with pristine face and amazing aura kept lingering Nitin’s mind, it was something. All through the way Nikki kept pondering how the guy got to know she was thirsty, she knew something had touched her.

3 days later Nikki got a call from the same company regarding the position getting on hold but she was being considered for another profile. She agreed to this and fixed the interview time the same day.

All through her way to the office she had the sinking feeling. She knew for sure now she won’t be seeing that guy again. She smiled in herself. Life was rather mysterious for her. She reached the office and enquired about the previous profile, the receptionist informed her that the position was on hold now and all the candidates were informed the same. She was heartbroken she had lost the last hope to see him again.

Nitin on the other hand got the email and had to live with it. The picture of the deity in his head shattered, he was heartbroken as he had lost the last hope to see her again.

Nikki finished her interview and was leaving from the office when she heard “Madam Ji”. She turned back, it was the same staff who got water for her that day. He came up to her and took a piece of napkin and handed over to her and said, “ Ek sir ne diya tha 3 din pehle, kaha tha aap aaengi to dedu, 50 Rupaye bhi de gaye the, pleej bata dena maine de diya hai imandari se.”

Nikki was stun, she smiled and rushed out. She stood near the elevator and opened the napkin.

Inside it was handwritten “I don’t know if I am wrong but I wanted to speak to you, I missed seeing you before leaving today. I am just taking this chance hope it reaches you. Write to me . I hope you know who I am, your water assistance :)”

She smiled and stepped out and to her joy she discovered, it was RAINING!!!