A SLAP and he fell down rolling from the wooden plank. The morning as usual had a burning start below the ear; young Tinu crouched to the corner rubbing his cheeks. “Will you move your ass or need another”, said Mahesh, the hotel owner.


Tinu’s mother has fled with her old lover when he was 2 years of age; his father then a staff in a village store could take the rage and disowned him when he was 10. Tinu was deported to Mumbai by the shop owner whose elder son Mahesh ran a small eatery in Mahalaxmi. Mahesh employed the urchin as a staff with no salary but food and shelter. Every morning a bang on his cheeks was the wake up call.

The Now…

Tinu got up with a red cheek and a red face, slowly weeping. It was 6 AM in the morning and the wooden plank had just embraced him around 2 AM. His daily routine was to be up and start cleaning as he knew no cooking, today he was 15 and the last 5 years had been tough. Around 7 AM the place starts getting its customers for small breakfast snacking. Today was no different than usual. A 5.2 ft boy with a loose dirty half pant on was running around in sweat cleaning tables and pouring water. He was called “Half Pant” by the patrons.

At around 9 AM, 2 cars stopped near the restaurant. It wasn’t a type of place where you expect cars to stop. 2 men entered and occupied a table. Mahesh himself went, “Sir, what will like to have?”  “Menu” roared the fat guy. Mahesh clarified that there is no menu and he only had few things to serve. They settled for missal pav, the only good option available.

Mahesh’s place was a shady room with ceiling black full of cobwebs and fiber tables. Tinu came to fill water, while pouring his eyes glued onto the thick gold chain in the neck of the slim guy with the fat one, water spilled and fell on the trousers of the fat guy. SLAP and went Tinu flying few meters. “You bloody dirt don’t you have eyes” roared the other guy. He shook and held him up in the air, “shall I throw you on the road you son of a bitch”. Tinu was shivering and he begged for his life but there was more to come. Mahesh intermittent in between and said sorry on his behalf, he held Tinu by his hair and dragged him towards kitchen abusing. Tinu had several cuts on his leg and arms. Mahesh warned him not to step out for an hour or he will cut his legs off and feed his dogs.

Tinu resorted to his corner again weeping his heart out. He was bleeding from leg and arms, the 2nd slap of the day were further more throbbing. His back was hurting too; unable to sit he slipped his hand into his pants to touch his ass. Wound was still fresh as almost all alternate nights he was used on Mahesh’s lap for gratifying the sexual desires. Pain was far and wide, on his body and even on his spirit. Tears went rolling and Tinu was swearing to cut off Mahesh’s balls some day, his surrounding had injected his lingual a coarse culture.

Food was served and the two men started eating, while eating the other guy discovered hair and was red in anger. He got up and stared towards Mahesh. “Motherfucker, how dare you get this pav on my plate?” Mahesh came running and claimed the pav comes from bakery and is not made there. The attitude ticked off the fat guy and he punched him on his face. There was scene out there. Both men started beating up Mahesh, and in resistance Mahesh attacked too. He got up and rushed inside to grab his knife, the men chased him.

In the room at one corner was Tinu veiled by the bed, Mahesh was bang opposite with a big knife. The fat guy reached his pocket and pulled a country gun out. Mahesh threw the knife and it hit the fat guy right on chest, he went down in pool of blood. While Mahesh and the other guy into a scuffle, Tinu spotted the gun. The 15 year old scamp picked it up and flashed it towards the fighting men. Mahesh in grandeur pushed the other guy and turned towards Tinu for the gun.

Mahesh was down; the bullet hit his neck right in middle, Tinu lastly fired. The other men fled from the door. Tinu went near to Mahesh who was quivering on the floor with blood jutting out. Tinu’s face was red, he drilled down three bullets into Mahesh, and he was in some kind of a trance.

Tinu’s spell broke with the shout of the other 3 staffs who entered the room hearing the bang. He threw the gun and ran. That day he ran for himself……..

This was the beginning of Tinu the gangster who killed for money and has some 15 odd death cases on his name. Tinu is one of those who kill for others, who kill for survival. Not a life he chose but forced on him. We don’t know how many such Tinu’s are there worldwide who has to take up the wrong path because no hand reached out to them when they desired a way. How much does the theory of tolerance apply on the making of a Criminal?

Less well known is the paradox of toleranceUnlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them. Infected may forbid their thoughts or listen to any rational argument, because it is deceptive, and teach them to answer causality caused to them by the use of their fists or pistols which was even forced. The change is for the society for crimes and criminals are too built.