She was never so vulnerable never so confused but today it was one of those odd days when she wanted not to decide of her own, she always till now had decided for herself. Today she was seeking out hands to reach to that someone who can understand her miseries without being explained, she anyways was out of words today. She hoped somewhere the respite reposes but where that was to be figured out and time for her was running.

In that dark room she was on that distressed bed which had never given her that comfort which she had longed for and had some years back, she was realizing today what has gone by and will never return. She wanted to cry but even that would have boomeranged so she kept swallowing her tears. How crude sometime life can be when the liberty to laugh is doesn’t exist and the will to cry needs to be suppressed, how does a human fickle mind act in such situation?

She closed her eyes in a way to press them hard to manage her frustration, a warm drop escaped and rolled over her pink cheeks which shimmered by the glimpse of light peeping through her window, which she couldn’t see. She felt it.

She picked up her phone which was resting near her pillow, unlocked it and kept staring at the screen as if it will speak up. Her spell broke when the time elapsed and the screen dimed. She was behaving weird and she knew it. She unlocked it again and saw the time, it was 1.30 am. She recalled that it was 11 pm when she came to bed.

She opened her messages and went through them just to realize that she has multiple messages unread from the service provider, shopping apps sale notifications, offers from local super markets and banks. She had no person messages or conversation with anyone. This city was new and she had not made any friends. She recalled her college days when she used to chat with her friends late through the night. Her friends used to call her, “Phony meaning always on her phone”. The thought saddened her more for what life has made out of her, where does her choices have thrown her.

She opened her message box and clicked on new window. She typed, “Can you talk to me for some time Esha if you not busy”. Esha was her closest cousin sister at one point of time. They used to lock room and used to sneak beers and smokes through the night during their college days. Esha was in some West Country doing her higher studies now. The message was read but no replies came for 20 mins. She gathered herself and messaged her elder brother,”Hey brother you up, feeling homesick” she typed a lie. Another half an hour no replies from either of the two disheartened her. She sunk into a thought where she felt her life was finished and there was nothing good which could have happened. Life was playing the devil and she didn’t knew what her breaking point is. She in some spell opened a window and typed the forbidden number and typed, ”Hi”, tears came rolling like a cloud burst in her eyes and she couldn’t help it. A push came from the other side and it said, “walk out and do that don’t spoil my sleep.”

Zeena was on bed with her husband, married for 4 years yet living a stranger’s life in a city where she had no one. She got up and walked to the hall and cried her sins out.

Suddenly the mobile beeped…..”Hi there”