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The Bewildering!!

Moving to a new house always exited Monish, this was after quite a lag of years that he changed house. He selected his new place quite wisely this time as he wanted to reduce his distance from his academy where he was giving guitar classes. This was also in big interest to Monish as he could now afford to start small batches at his new places to folks who were missing out due to choked up batch headcount.

For the first time he was shifting alone to own a full apartment for himself. All his bachelor life away from home Monish tagged along with his cousin brother who was a pilot, staying in company owned flat who now was moving out to London for a foreign assignment.

Monish was exited and finally completed his shifting in 4 hours along with the packers and movers. He made up his small apartment quite well with low seating, night lamps, decorative gramophone and posters of “Slash”, his guitar idol. By all means it looked like a musician’s nook. His place was green with plants surrounding the building overlooking the view of scenic and posh Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

Days went well due to reduced proximity to his academy. Monish realized he could start a new batch at his place for weekends and no sooner did her posted the ad, his batch of 10 was full in less than half a day. He was all set to start it from the coming Saturday, today being Wednesday.

Finally, the day arrived and he started off with his class with a mix of teens and adults and the class kicked off great. Midway to the class the doorbell rang, Monish went out and it was the security guard of the building who had got along a complaint from the below floor for lot of noise. This set Monish’s mood to extent of ruin and he had to lower down he volumes and shut the windows. All excitement of his first home class had gone down the drain. Somehow, he lifted up for the sake of his batch and started again. 20 mins into the class and here went the alarming sound of the doorbell and this time, Monish slammed his guitar down. He stormed out of the room towards the living room approaching the door in anger. He flung opened the door and shouted, “what is wrong with you people, the sound is barely coming out now.”

There was a sudden pause, Monish’s anger shout was held back abruptly.

She must be in her early 20’s, hazel eyes, straight flowing hair covering her face and pristine fair skin, Monish was speechless. The spell broke as the girl stepped back with almost tears dampening her eyes. “I am really sorry, I thought mmmmm, the aannnnnn, the guard was here to complain again, I am sorry”, he said. The girl gathered herself as well and understood, “oh I got it, actually my name is Ayesha and I saw your post for guitar classes and so came here to join it.” Monish in normal scenario would have said that the class has already started and the batch is full to limit. “Sorry the batch is full and I can’t take any more in” he could say it but all he said, “actually the class has started and the batch is of 10 as I kept in my ad but come in you can still observe it for today”

He invited her in and asked if she has a guitar which she said no. He gave Ayesha an old guitar of his for the day and resumed the class. All through the class his eyes were rolling onto her as if they were the magnetic compass and she was the north pole. He was mesmerised by her looks and the hazel eyes had done the trick. The first class went well and the session broke until tomorrow. After everyone left including the hazel eyed mademoiselle, he sat down and relived some of his stolen glances and chuckled on himself thinking how he missed basic notes trying to look at her. His late 20s was triggering the hormones of attraction.

Few weeks passed and his classes went well. For Ayesha it was becoming evident, how Monish was looking at her and somewhere she wasn’t minding it as well. It was the night of 6th Saturday since the class had started and Monish had to cancel it today for the first time due to his unwell health. He was running feverish and had taken a paracetamol and was lying down near his window staring at the shimmering street light. The mild drizzle in  and Monish’s watery eyes was making his view like a painting. Suddenly, he visualized Ayesha’s face midst of street light and the drizzle. He closed his eyes immediately and gave a shake to his head.

His phone blinked and a message. He picked up his phone, it was a number and it said, “Hey, hope you feeling well? Please lemmi know if you need anything. TC”. A message from one of his students for sure, and he replied thanks.

Something made him inquisitive and he saved the number with the name “Student 1” and went to WhatsApp to see a dp of a “wine lover quote”. He realized that the person other side was online and he kept staring trying to rationalize himself whether to ping or not. While he was still dissecting his thoughts, something popped up on the window. A sudden rush went from his heart to stomach at once. “It’s me Ayesha, sorry I missed to mention my name in the SMS”.

Something went similar from Ayesha’s heart to stomach to see the double ticks of her message turning blue immediately, she thought she was smiling but actually she was blushing.

Monish immediately replied without realizing that she had got to know that he was on her window when she messaged.

Monish– Hey thanks I am quite well now; I will see you in class tomorrow

Ayesha– You should take a day off and rest.

Monish– Naah, I guess I will be fine and anyways it’s just about you all rehearsing the notes

Ayesha– 🙂 ok. But I wanted to skip tomorrow

Monish– Why?

Ayesha– Thought of taking my pet to doctor, he seems unwell

Monish– Oh, so shall I cancel the class?

Ayesha was in laughter and she was rolling on her bed. The last message has awed her to an extent that she couldn’t stop smiling. Monish, on the other side realized his stupid line and had one hand on his head.

Ayesha– That would be kind of you but you dont need to cancel for my reason 🙂

Monish– nothing like that, I will check with others as well mostly will shift to someday in this week in evening to cover it up.

Ayesha– Thanks. You take care guitar guru. Gn

Monish– 🙂 Gn and thanks.

There was no “bye” said, both went to bed smiling and Monish was actually feeling better. He kept thinking about the hazel eyes and suddenly Bob Dylan played in his head, he sept with that Dylan song on his lips,

“The future for me is already a thing of the past,
You were my first love and you will be my last”

Monish got up feeling fresh and decided to continue his class and hence informed the academy who routed his message to all including Ayesha. He dropped a note to Ayesha stating that he will ensure she catches up the missed part of today’s class and she was obliged to know that.

Weeks passed and talk between, Monish and Ayesha were frequent, they got to know each other in brief chats before they called the day off almost every day. Monish was getting in a zone to which he was unknown but he was always cautious of his words and manners.

It was Monish’s birthday and he had his parents in town. Ayesha wished him sharp at 12 am and demanded a birthday party with “THE BATCH”. Being a weekday he had a family dinner and the birthday was spent quietly with parents and siblings.

Monish took his entire batch to lunch after the following Saturday’s class. During the lunch Monish & Ayesha were together all the time. When all were leaving he asked Ayesha if he can drop her midway, to which she replied, “You anyway had too”.  While in cab Monish gathered some courage and asked, “Do you like wine?” . Ayesha was pondering, where that came from and said, “why do you think I like wine?”. He replied, “I saw once in your dp so thought”. She smiled in a way that swept Monish away, “yes I love red wine, are you treating me again?”

“Do you want to drop by in evening at my place, I can order some food and you can teach me how to drink wine” he said smiling. A pause and she replied looking out of the cab’s window, “Ok at 8 pm but Chinese and I will get the wine”. The plan was set and he dropped her midway in great satisfaction. There was something flying in their stomachs, may be it was called “butterflies” but to them it was like “flying dragons”.

Sharp at 8 pm the bell rang and Ayesha was there standing on his door holding a bottle of wine, with a lace ribbon bow. She was wearing a white striped dress, with her hair tied and pink cheeks. Monish invited her in and couldn’t resist himself, he said “you look like a Barbie”. Ayesha burst into laughter and said where did he found out so much about Barbies. They laughed to this but Ayesha stole a look in midst admiring the laughing face of Monish and to his compliment to her. She shook and kissed him on his cheeks while handing over the bottle, “Happy Birthday Again!!!”


They drank and chatted with mild country music playing in back drop looking at the greenery and the streetlights glazing outside. Both were tipsy and accidently Ayesha dropped some wine on her dress. She immediately ran to wash it with water and in bargain smothered the dress a little more.

“Can you lend me a t-shirt if you don’t mind, till this dries up?’’ Monish gave her a t-shirt which was slightly bigger in size. While she was changing, he sat on his bean bag and took out the guitar and started playing a tune. In about 5 mins she entered the living room.

In the low light of the lamp she looked like a deity in an oversized t-shirt equally matching the length of her dress. Her staggering steps and the drunken shimmer in those hazel eyes were inducing something inside Monish’s heart. He looked at her, stroked a note on the string and sang:

“Laid my head upon you

Your arms encircled me,

It was, My Love, as if we were

What God meant us to be…”

She smiled. With tipsy steps she came closer with the wine bottle in one hand, removed the guitar and sat on his lap. Engulfing her arms around his shoulders she kissed him on his nose and rested her head on his chest.

While Dylan kept playing in background,

She fell asleep and he fell in love…………!!


The Apprehension

She was never so vulnerable never so confused but today it was one of those odd days when she wanted not to decide of her own, she always till now had decided for herself. Today she was seeking out hands to reach to that someone who can understand her miseries without being explained, she anyways was out of words today. She hoped somewhere the respite reposes but where that was to be figured out and time for her was running.

In that dark room she was on that distressed bed which had never given her that comfort which she had longed for and had some years back, she was realizing today what has gone by and will never return. She wanted to cry but even that would have boomeranged so she kept swallowing her tears. How crude sometime life can be when the liberty to laugh is doesn’t exist and the will to cry needs to be suppressed, how does a human fickle mind act in such situation?

She closed her eyes in a way to press them hard to manage her frustration, a warm drop escaped and rolled over her pink cheeks which shimmered by the glimpse of light peeping through her window, which she couldn’t see. She felt it.

She picked up her phone which was resting near her pillow, unlocked it and kept staring at the screen as if it will speak up. Her spell broke when the time elapsed and the screen dimed. She was behaving weird and she knew it. She unlocked it again and saw the time, it was 1.30 am. She recalled that it was 11 pm when she came to bed.

She opened her messages and went through them just to realize that she has multiple messages unread from the service provider, shopping apps sale notifications, offers from local super markets and banks. She had no person messages or conversation with anyone. This city was new and she had not made any friends. She recalled her college days when she used to chat with her friends late through the night. Her friends used to call her, “Phony meaning always on her phone”. The thought saddened her more for what life has made out of her, where does her choices have thrown her.

She opened her message box and clicked on new window. She typed, “Can you talk to me for some time Esha if you not busy”. Esha was her closest cousin sister at one point of time. They used to lock room and used to sneak beers and smokes through the night during their college days. Esha was in some West Country doing her higher studies now. The message was read but no replies came for 20 mins. She gathered herself and messaged her elder brother,”Hey brother you up, feeling homesick” she typed a lie. Another half an hour no replies from either of the two disheartened her. She sunk into a thought where she felt her life was finished and there was nothing good which could have happened. Life was playing the devil and she didn’t knew what her breaking point is. She in some spell opened a window and typed the forbidden number and typed, ”Hi”, tears came rolling like a cloud burst in her eyes and she couldn’t help it. A push came from the other side and it said, “walk out and do that don’t spoil my sleep.”

Zeena was on bed with her husband, married for 4 years yet living a stranger’s life in a city where she had no one. She got up and walked to the hall and cried her sins out.

Suddenly the mobile beeped…..”Hi there”

Victim of Circumstances

A SLAP and he fell down rolling from the wooden plank. The morning as usual had a burning start below the ear; young Tinu crouched to the corner rubbing his cheeks. “Will you move your ass or need another”, said Mahesh, the hotel owner.


Tinu’s mother has fled with her old lover when he was 2 years of age; his father then a staff in a village store could take the rage and disowned him when he was 10. Tinu was deported to Mumbai by the shop owner whose elder son Mahesh ran a small eatery in Mahalaxmi. Mahesh employed the urchin as a staff with no salary but food and shelter. Every morning a bang on his cheeks was the wake up call.

The Now…

Tinu got up with a red cheek and a red face, slowly weeping. It was 6 AM in the morning and the wooden plank had just embraced him around 2 AM. His daily routine was to be up and start cleaning as he knew no cooking, today he was 15 and the last 5 years had been tough. Around 7 AM the place starts getting its customers for small breakfast snacking. Today was no different than usual. A 5.2 ft boy with a loose dirty half pant on was running around in sweat cleaning tables and pouring water. He was called “Half Pant” by the patrons.

At around 9 AM, 2 cars stopped near the restaurant. It wasn’t a type of place where you expect cars to stop. 2 men entered and occupied a table. Mahesh himself went, “Sir, what will like to have?”  “Menu” roared the fat guy. Mahesh clarified that there is no menu and he only had few things to serve. They settled for missal pav, the only good option available.

Mahesh’s place was a shady room with ceiling black full of cobwebs and fiber tables. Tinu came to fill water, while pouring his eyes glued onto the thick gold chain in the neck of the slim guy with the fat one, water spilled and fell on the trousers of the fat guy. SLAP and went Tinu flying few meters. “You bloody dirt don’t you have eyes” roared the other guy. He shook and held him up in the air, “shall I throw you on the road you son of a bitch”. Tinu was shivering and he begged for his life but there was more to come. Mahesh intermittent in between and said sorry on his behalf, he held Tinu by his hair and dragged him towards kitchen abusing. Tinu had several cuts on his leg and arms. Mahesh warned him not to step out for an hour or he will cut his legs off and feed his dogs.

Tinu resorted to his corner again weeping his heart out. He was bleeding from leg and arms, the 2nd slap of the day were further more throbbing. His back was hurting too; unable to sit he slipped his hand into his pants to touch his ass. Wound was still fresh as almost all alternate nights he was used on Mahesh’s lap for gratifying the sexual desires. Pain was far and wide, on his body and even on his spirit. Tears went rolling and Tinu was swearing to cut off Mahesh’s balls some day, his surrounding had injected his lingual a coarse culture.

Food was served and the two men started eating, while eating the other guy discovered hair and was red in anger. He got up and stared towards Mahesh. “Motherfucker, how dare you get this pav on my plate?” Mahesh came running and claimed the pav comes from bakery and is not made there. The attitude ticked off the fat guy and he punched him on his face. There was scene out there. Both men started beating up Mahesh, and in resistance Mahesh attacked too. He got up and rushed inside to grab his knife, the men chased him.

In the room at one corner was Tinu veiled by the bed, Mahesh was bang opposite with a big knife. The fat guy reached his pocket and pulled a country gun out. Mahesh threw the knife and it hit the fat guy right on chest, he went down in pool of blood. While Mahesh and the other guy into a scuffle, Tinu spotted the gun. The 15 year old scamp picked it up and flashed it towards the fighting men. Mahesh in grandeur pushed the other guy and turned towards Tinu for the gun.

Mahesh was down; the bullet hit his neck right in middle, Tinu lastly fired. The other men fled from the door. Tinu went near to Mahesh who was quivering on the floor with blood jutting out. Tinu’s face was red, he drilled down three bullets into Mahesh, and he was in some kind of a trance.

Tinu’s spell broke with the shout of the other 3 staffs who entered the room hearing the bang. He threw the gun and ran. That day he ran for himself……..

This was the beginning of Tinu the gangster who killed for money and has some 15 odd death cases on his name. Tinu is one of those who kill for others, who kill for survival. Not a life he chose but forced on him. We don’t know how many such Tinu’s are there worldwide who has to take up the wrong path because no hand reached out to them when they desired a way. How much does the theory of tolerance apply on the making of a Criminal?

Less well known is the paradox of toleranceUnlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them. Infected may forbid their thoughts or listen to any rational argument, because it is deceptive, and teach them to answer causality caused to them by the use of their fists or pistols which was even forced. The change is for the society for crimes and criminals are too built.



Veiled Bliss

Nitin was not a tie person and that’s why the thing hanging around his neck was irritating him to core, not to forget Mumbai’s summer. Nitin was largely irritated by the time which he had expended and still ready to spend, Interviews for him were indeed itchy.

He stood up and grabbed another glass of water, he had never felt so many butterflies in his stomach. He spread his eyes across, there were now 7 others waiting to be interviewed. He went and sat again and grabbed a business magazine kept on the table ahead. He flipped through with no interest in reading anything and wished there were some film magazines as well.

While he was stuck on a bank’s advertisement in the magazine he smelled a strange and soothing perfume. He held his head up and with all strength inhaled that freshness again. Nitin was liking this perhaps it was “Smell @ first sight” for him. He turned to his right just to witness gracefulness sitting next to him. Cream satin shirt on a black lace trousers, and that mesmerizing incense. It was an awkward moment for Nitin as that deity sat just next to him absorbed into her bag with the long hair covering the entire view as if they were the shroud to the beauty.

All the interview tension had now converted into some master plan of how to see the face, all the other senses where already on peak. The only thing which clicked was to grab another glass of water as the dispenser was kept on the right corner to where he was sitting, Nitin thought to stick to this plan. To execute, the moment he jolted his body, she held her hair and fixed them behind her ears. She was beautiful, he had never seen something so fair and calm.

Nitin’s spell broke with the opening of the GM’s cabins and a candidate walking out, he was restless again. He knew he can be called any time and also realized the one sitting next to him is a competition.

Nikki realized she was the only female sitting there. She settled herself on the couch and had a swift glance across, her last view being a tensed looking guy next to him. Their eyes met and she passed a smile. Nikki could feel her heart speeding its rate with every passing second, this job was important to her. She was sweating too but her makeup wasn’t allowing her to wipe it out so she sought to the wet wipes and tabbed. She turned left and sat with clear view of the cabin where interviews were happening.

Nitin stood and took a stroll till the main entrance, where he returned he found the sweet smell sitting on the opposite couch which was closer to the ac vent. Disappointment crept up. He sunk into the couch again. He stared right into her face trying to figure out the redness of her cheeks. While the analysis was still on he realized the lady had already noticed his stare. Nitin immediately took off his eyes and started flipping the magazine again.

Nikki on the other hand hid herself into her phone, she knew the guy had discovered her looking at him. There was something developing in that tight atmosphere. Their eyes met again and this time too their eyes smiled.

“She will walk away with this job for sure, but I can still try”, Nitin said to himself. He was mesmerized by the aura. Nikki on the other hand was thinking the reverse, she knew she will be grilled for such a profile where she only has theoretical knowledge and Nitin seemed a guy well prepared with decent formal attire ready to go in and win the job. There was something that kept her hooked in looking at Nitin even though he was an average looking man.

Nikki was thirsty, she tried looking around for some assistant. Nitin noticed the pink lips pressing in and out. He waved the pantry staff and asked for few glasses of water to the table. Nikki was impressed immediately, wondering did she really make it obvious buy why only this guy while she knew the whole lot were stealing her looks.

She picked up the glass of water offered to her and while sipping placed her sight on Nitin. Her eyes said “Thank You” and his lips broadened in reciprocation. There were words being exchanged in that silence.

Suddenly Nikki wasn’t anxious and Nitin’s butterflies had settled down somewhere.

Nikki stopped the passing admin staff and asked her for the newspaper, her voice dipped deep into Nitin’s ears. Nitin immediately picked up the newspaper and guided towards the staff. Another smile and this time she whispered a “thanks” and he a “welcome”. The atmosphere for both was strange and actions of what next was unknown and then the news came.

A lady, the secretary of the GM came out and announced that due to some emergency the interviews needs to be cancelled today and the candidates will be informed again for the schedule. This was disheartening and lot of animosity flowed around. Candidates got up and started leaving. Nitin’s attention immediately went on Nikki, the ice had still not broken and he was out of thoughts as Nikki had already started walking towards the main gate. Nitin gathered himself and as he stepped ahead to rush towards that descending smell, he was stopped by Ravi, his school friend.

“What the fuck are you doing in my office punk?” he said in surprise. Nitin unwillingly had to shake hands and described his purpose of visit. Ravi kept on with his questions and Nitin was glued to the main gate, Nikki was already out of sight.

Nikki had already let go of the elevator twice now, she kept on turning back but couldn’t see the guy coming out (Nitin). She was little disappointed, the elevator stopped again and she stepped in she once again peeped out and glanced towards the main entrance and the door closed. She reached down, she badly wanted to see him again.

Nitin had answered all questions now, he requested Ravi that he will call him and he needed to leave. He shook hand and ran out in despair. Her lady wasn’t there. He took the stairs and reached the ground floor, she has gone. A sense of sadness engulfed him he was upset, he badly wanted to see her again.

Nitin realized he had forgot his file in the office and he went back to get it. He took his file and left, he had to take a bus back to his hometown now.

Nikki waited long but finally had to leave unwillingly, she was from Mumbai itself and took a cab to home. All through the way she thought that she was acting silly. On the other hand Nitin felt the same, the face of the lady with pristine face and amazing aura kept lingering Nitin’s mind, it was something. All through the way Nikki kept pondering how the guy got to know she was thirsty, she knew something had touched her.

3 days later Nikki got a call from the same company regarding the position getting on hold but she was being considered for another profile. She agreed to this and fixed the interview time the same day.

All through her way to the office she had the sinking feeling. She knew for sure now she won’t be seeing that guy again. She smiled in herself. Life was rather mysterious for her. She reached the office and enquired about the previous profile, the receptionist informed her that the position was on hold now and all the candidates were informed the same. She was heartbroken she had lost the last hope to see him again.

Nitin on the other hand got the email and had to live with it. The picture of the deity in his head shattered, he was heartbroken as he had lost the last hope to see her again.

Nikki finished her interview and was leaving from the office when she heard “Madam Ji”. She turned back, it was the same staff who got water for her that day. He came up to her and took a piece of napkin and handed over to her and said, “ Ek sir ne diya tha 3 din pehle, kaha tha aap aaengi to dedu, 50 Rupaye bhi de gaye the, pleej bata dena maine de diya hai imandari se.”

Nikki was stun, she smiled and rushed out. She stood near the elevator and opened the napkin.

Inside it was handwritten “I don’t know if I am wrong but I wanted to speak to you, I missed seeing you before leaving today. I am just taking this chance hope it reaches you. Write to me . I hope you know who I am, your water assistance :)”

She smiled and stepped out and to her joy she discovered, it was RAINING!!!

……he cried, cried his heart out. Today, Rayan was like that child, who woke up to see its best toy has been thrown. The words in that diary were buzzing in his head. His question to himself was “Why” & “How”.

He dialed the number once again just to hear the same voice mocking him, he was mad now, he dialed and dialed. Rayan picked his laptop and turned it on. He logged onto facebook, Neera was not in his friend’s list, Rayan did not like this. He typed on search, “Neera Nair” almost 1000 results, and he surfed onto all just to find his Neera not obtainable. Neera perhaps disconnected herself from her social arena. Rayan for the first time in his life felt so helpless, nothing seemed working and suddenly “Dimple” clicked, Neera’s school friend.

Rayan picked up his phone and dialed her number. The phone went unanswered on the next 2 occasions, he understood Dimple was avoiding his calls. Rayan went to his watsapp and browsed Neera. There was no display picture and last seen said the date of 9 months ago. Rayan was at his wits end. Rayan typed on to Dimple’s watsapp message box, “Dimple I know all you can feel for me is hatred but I need to talk to Neera, please I beg.” the message did not go. Dimple had blocked him. The realization of this had hurt Rayan’s male ego but at this point he was like a tanked-up ship.

He got up from the chair and put on his shirt, took his car keys and Neera’s diary. He zoomed through the apartment nearly missing the security guard opening the main gate and apprehended the lips of guards uttering “Ch**tiya”. It dint mattered today, maybe Rayan was already thinking he really was one. He drove through, Neera’s apartment was 40 mins drive. He reached, parked his car and ran to third floor. A smiley shining lock on the flats door welcomed him. There was no one, Rayan’s heart was beating faster than ever. He inquired at the main gate before leaving but the guard had just joined a day back and very new to comment anything.

Rayan’s life was running like video game, as if it was controlled by a gamer who was making him run for that secret way out from a castle. Rayan reached home, it was almost 9 pm in the night. He got himself a drink.

While sitting on his balcony all he can think off was “Neera”. Where would be she? Did she moved on in life? Is she married? All these wild thoughts made him go crazy. He was disconnecting all the calls without even looking at them, messages dint bothered him. Rayan realized the shirt he was wearing was Neera’s gift. That day Neera had got promotion and she skipped her own party just to receive Rayan from airport. She got this shirt along as a gift. He kept looking at the shirt and tears rolled on.

The daybreak light hit Rayan’s eyes, he had passed off last night on liquor in his balcony. Being Sunday, it was another day to pass for Rayan. He got himself a cup of coffee and logged onto Facebook again. Browsing through a common friend’s pictures his heart sunk to see Neera’s picture and it was 3 months old. Neera never used to wear sari but she was wearing one here. Charmingly done make up with cream color South Indian sari. She is married, whispered Rayan to himself. He sobbed again and this time he was loud and in agony. Rayan had lost her.

Days passed and Rayan was broken, he almost cut himself from the world. He hated meeting anyone or talking not even attending calls.

After almost 10 days Rayan got recurring calls from his mom, he had been ignoring her. He gathered himself and took the call. After all shout backs, his mom mollified a little. She kept the phone giving him his office associate’s number who finally had to call Rayan’s home to investigate about him as he had bunked office from past 3 days.

Rayan dialed the number……..and it ringed, “Hello this is Rayan here may I know who’s this..”

A heavy breath from across the line shouted, “RAYBAN”, Rayan broken down it was Neera. She calls him “Rayban” instead Rayan. “I knew you will come back stay at home I am coming just left my place”

(Life not always gives second chances, Rayan got one and he clinged onto it. Neera had lost her phone while travelling 9 months back and never got the same number as it was in Rayan’s name and they were not in terms. She was out for shopping the day Rayan ran to her to find a lock at her door and on her way back the guard informed about Rayan’s visit. She had been calling from her new number but Rayan wasn’t receiving any calls. The sari picture was Neera’s brother’s marriage ceremony’s where she had to wear as a ritual. Dimple (Neera’s friend) had left India 6 month ago. Life’s funny in its own way 🙂



 Let me define you with Ink, it rather be pink,

Ever seen a life like angel, with face of a deity,

Meeting her was a co-incidence or serendipity,

Life was still, when stepped in she with a spur,

A beauty so pious, with shades of rainbow,

Breathless she leaves me, with a mere glimpse of her show.

For ever cuteness had a province anywhere, then It’s her

Dazzled she leaves me, even with look if blur

Like a star she sparks my life, she has taken it all

She is my little world, however it is small

And there are truths that needs to be established

Each second spend with her, is to be relished

Her eyes make the stars look like they’re not shining

Her hair falls perfectly without her trying

She’s so beautiful and I tell her everyday

When I compliment her she won’t believe me
And it’s so sad to think that she don’t see what I see
But every time she asks me “Do I look okay? “
I say….

“When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change
‘Cause you’re amazing, Just the way you are.
And when you smile, The whole world stops and stares for a while

‘Coz you’re amazing, Just the way you are.”

And  I ask her never to change…..

Coz its perfect if she is looking for, She just need to be the same….


Away from those lands of barrens, where he chose to never come back,

Elected a path of pathos rather, remembering the breach & whack

For life had a standstill, endures were on hold,

Wishes he had killed all, dream were back long sold

When was pushed in the hollow of darkness, with knives dug on the hind

His beds has been sorrows, still they had been kind.

With a believe to rise one day, choosing to lay hands to demands,

I think somewhere he was murdering his contentment, truth was still in remand.

These walls were quite long, built with bricks of rejections,

Concrete on the foundation of curse,

Here is a story of a strange red rose and leaves of broken trust.

For the midas who touched lives to gold, where was he leading- no unfold

Fear had rented the mind, gloominess resided in the heart,

If life permitted few changes, he would have changed its start.

As every rose has its thorns, so every night must have its dawn

Love will come someday to heal him, till then this quest will be On……

That Aberration…

Rayan was home as he always does on a Sunday, escaping the world just to find some time for himself. Today was something different, since he had got up from sleep, he was heavy. Though nothing major had happened but still he felt something was sinking.

He finished his usual chore of scanning the Sunday graffiti. Feeling restless he picked up his phone and opened the contact list. He browsed through 758 contacts on his phonebook list and kept the phone aside. There was not even a single person he would have wanted to talk. He was never so isolated.

It has been 10 months Neera had stepped out of his life, somewhere that exclusion excluded many things from Rayan’s life. He got up, he had a messed up table in front of him that he decided to clean off. The table was overflowing with books, he was an amid reader once. Rayan fixed the table and gave it a shake to move it back to the wall but it refused to move. As Rayan shook to check he saw a black diary blocking the way, he stretched his arms and got hold of it. 

Clearing the dust of it he sat down on the chair. It was Neera’s diary, his head flooded with memory of that day when Neera made a big issue about loosing her diary and Rayan screaming at her for crying over just a stupid diary. His line stormed his mind, “Neera, either you stop crying or I step out of the flat.” She was in tears.

He opened the diary with heavy heart, the first page was blank with just a letter- R. He flipped the page and it said,” Stupid diary You are lucky today as Rayan is busy and I have lot to say. Rayan understands me better but he doesn’t gets time from work these days, I don’t want to disturb him. So You are Rayan for me from now. May be someday he will be free then I will give him you to read so that he knows I love him :)……..

Something just flashed in front of Rayan’s eyes when he used get worked up with Neera trying to say something, which sounded stupid to him. He flipped on.

“Rayan once again you shouted on me what if I wanted to tell you about today’s movie, it did reminded me of you, whats so wrong in that. I am never telling you anything. But I know you were sleepy as you slept late because of office work, I do understand just that I feel like being little childish with you. I know if I tell you that I understand you now, all you will say not to acting But I know you how you feel bad always after arguing with me, such darling you are……..

A tear rolled out of Rayan’s eyes, all he was thinking how did Neera wrote this, he never mentioned that he felt wretched after talking badly to her. What was her degree of understanding and he just ruined it.

He cried his heart out at the next page which had Rayan’s and Neera’s picture at some coffee shop. There was something majorly different today in that picture which he had seen earlier also, while Rayan was looking at the camera & smiling, Neera had a smile on her face with her eyes staring at Rayan and not the camera….

The diary slipped off his hand.

Rayan got up and took his phone in his hand, he opened Neera’s contact, took a deep breath and dialed in.

The voice said…….,”the number you are tring to reach does not exist…..”


Have you ever seen, the beauty of the molten sapphire.

Tripping from the heavenly blue the Essene of innocence.

With those stolen looks from the corner of her eyes,

I have glanced some rare wonders of the mighty blue skies.

Those lowered look digged to the ground and when she smiles,

She brightens the surrounds…..

Her shade of pink, in me have deeply sinked,

Her wave like hair, covering the cherub face,

And the prestine look of that deity, how shall I define this pretty.

Still remember the first look of her, in my mind that still stirs.

Her presence around has so much lit,

A mere look of hers & here I skip a heart beat.

Among the midst of this mist, I cherish that small hold of her fist.

She is pure, with child like innocence..

And her heart is precious with no parallel, a rare presence.

Said enough though for her less fall my words…

“TinkerBell” you are truly a princess of your Own lil World….

Larger than Life

Ironical but true.

In the rush of life in a city like Mumbai where individual faces sometime becomes a stranger unless you realize it’s yours. Hailing from a quite small city where life is real laid back as if “Chill” word has a vacation house, and here to chill you need to have a credit card. Delhi had its own character; commotion was just in newspapers and for all obvious reasons but life steers in peace. Mumbai on the other hand is like a coarse senior who rags you day in and out but gradually becomes your best comrade. This city fusions in blood like drugs and makes one addicted. Life in rush becomes life in peace.

Places where people are all around and yet one gets the space they need, among a crowd yet so sheltered. This city allows to cry in peace. It’s said Mumbai is nocturnal and gradually I can say this city actually is insomniac, it never sleeps. This city makes one psychotic and then becomes an antidote as well. We curse and cuddle at the same time. The amazing character of this city is that here, life has no cost. Bombs and attacks and yet life does not take even a minute to bounce back to customary, though I have always hated this  said “Mumbai Spirit” but virtually have been a part of it.

Mumbai has taken and also given a lot, from reminiscences to living to numbers which keeps multiplying with days. The reason I pen this because I know I am hooked to this city say whatever but it has oozed in perennially.

mumbaiA city of dreams where hopes never fatalities grip and induces the boldness of never say die. A city where life is hands-on. On one hand there are weary faces and on the other hand charisma has its own fashion. A city larger than life. (Dedicated to the city I LIVE who have taught me to LIVE real)