Still its fresh, on top of my mind,
Your impeccable face, like clear blue skies.
A mesmerizing effect when I laid my eyes.
The time then stopped for a moment, I couldn’t breath for a while…..
Something mysterious hit me inside, when I saw that charismatic smile.

There is a peculiar feeling inside,
An expression of admireness, difficult 2 hide.
That charm of your face, my sight had embraced.
It lingers day in and out,
Inside me your thoughts I have chased.

You like a bird, chirping your way,
You carry a world, for you to stay.
You like that muddy lane, urging to get smothered again….
You like that thunder that strikes in rain,
That’s how you strike me once and again

I have seen you ruling your surroundings,
I saw you charming all ur bounding,
I saw u dance the night away on ur own
Dat sight so mystifing, its effect on me was shown.
I silently captured that stupefied view,
And I stole a picture of you.

Am a person with many limitations,
Still I try to penn your admirations.
I may sound silly when you I profile..
I am spellbound when encircles me ,’ur wallah smile’

From the shades of your fist,
You glaring..amidst this mist
Your have an aura of your own,you hv ur stand…
You’re the princess, you are the dream
You’re the Alice in her own wonderland.

Yes I am a dreamer, I dream my way..
Your make my spirits alive, its my dreams you take.
Just no pink, here I try you to ink…
Something bedazzles me still,

Into me it runs several mile…
May be can someday figure out…
What’s so mysterious about ‘DA CHARISMATIC SMILE’