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The Bewildering!!

Moving to a new house always exited Monish, this was after quite a lag of years that he changed house. He selected his new place quite wisely this time as he wanted to reduce his distance from his academy where he was giving guitar classes. This was also in big interest to Monish as he could now afford to start small batches at his new places to folks who were missing out due to choked up batch headcount.

For the first time he was shifting alone to own a full apartment for himself. All his bachelor life away from home Monish tagged along with his cousin brother who was a pilot, staying in company owned flat who now was moving out to London for a foreign assignment.

Monish was exited and finally completed his shifting in 4 hours along with the packers and movers. He made up his small apartment quite well with low seating, night lamps, decorative gramophone and posters of “Slash”, his guitar idol. By all means it looked like a musician’s nook. His place was green with plants surrounding the building overlooking the view of scenic and posh Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

Days went well due to reduced proximity to his academy. Monish realized he could start a new batch at his place for weekends and no sooner did her posted the ad, his batch of 10 was full in less than half a day. He was all set to start it from the coming Saturday, today being Wednesday.

Finally, the day arrived and he started off with his class with a mix of teens and adults and the class kicked off great. Midway to the class the doorbell rang, Monish went out and it was the security guard of the building who had got along a complaint from the below floor for lot of noise. This set Monish’s mood to extent of ruin and he had to lower down he volumes and shut the windows. All excitement of his first home class had gone down the drain. Somehow, he lifted up for the sake of his batch and started again. 20 mins into the class and here went the alarming sound of the doorbell and this time, Monish slammed his guitar down. He stormed out of the room towards the living room approaching the door in anger. He flung opened the door and shouted, “what is wrong with you people, the sound is barely coming out now.”

There was a sudden pause, Monish’s anger shout was held back abruptly.

She must be in her early 20’s, hazel eyes, straight flowing hair covering her face and pristine fair skin, Monish was speechless. The spell broke as the girl stepped back with almost tears dampening her eyes. “I am really sorry, I thought mmmmm, the aannnnnn, the guard was here to complain again, I am sorry”, he said. The girl gathered herself as well and understood, “oh I got it, actually my name is Ayesha and I saw your post for guitar classes and so came here to join it.” Monish in normal scenario would have said that the class has already started and the batch is full to limit. “Sorry the batch is full and I can’t take any more in” he could say it but all he said, “actually the class has started and the batch is of 10 as I kept in my ad but come in you can still observe it for today”

He invited her in and asked if she has a guitar which she said no. He gave Ayesha an old guitar of his for the day and resumed the class. All through the class his eyes were rolling onto her as if they were the magnetic compass and she was the north pole. He was mesmerised by her looks and the hazel eyes had done the trick. The first class went well and the session broke until tomorrow. After everyone left including the hazel eyed mademoiselle, he sat down and relived some of his stolen glances and chuckled on himself thinking how he missed basic notes trying to look at her. His late 20s was triggering the hormones of attraction.

Few weeks passed and his classes went well. For Ayesha it was becoming evident, how Monish was looking at her and somewhere she wasn’t minding it as well. It was the night of 6th Saturday since the class had started and Monish had to cancel it today for the first time due to his unwell health. He was running feverish and had taken a paracetamol and was lying down near his window staring at the shimmering street light. The mild drizzle in  and Monish’s watery eyes was making his view like a painting. Suddenly, he visualized Ayesha’s face midst of street light and the drizzle. He closed his eyes immediately and gave a shake to his head.

His phone blinked and a message. He picked up his phone, it was a number and it said, “Hey, hope you feeling well? Please lemmi know if you need anything. TC”. A message from one of his students for sure, and he replied thanks.

Something made him inquisitive and he saved the number with the name “Student 1” and went to WhatsApp to see a dp of a “wine lover quote”. He realized that the person other side was online and he kept staring trying to rationalize himself whether to ping or not. While he was still dissecting his thoughts, something popped up on the window. A sudden rush went from his heart to stomach at once. “It’s me Ayesha, sorry I missed to mention my name in the SMS”.

Something went similar from Ayesha’s heart to stomach to see the double ticks of her message turning blue immediately, she thought she was smiling but actually she was blushing.

Monish immediately replied without realizing that she had got to know that he was on her window when she messaged.

Monish– Hey thanks I am quite well now; I will see you in class tomorrow

Ayesha– You should take a day off and rest.

Monish– Naah, I guess I will be fine and anyways it’s just about you all rehearsing the notes

Ayesha– 🙂 ok. But I wanted to skip tomorrow

Monish– Why?

Ayesha– Thought of taking my pet to doctor, he seems unwell

Monish– Oh, so shall I cancel the class?

Ayesha was in laughter and she was rolling on her bed. The last message has awed her to an extent that she couldn’t stop smiling. Monish, on the other side realized his stupid line and had one hand on his head.

Ayesha– That would be kind of you but you dont need to cancel for my reason 🙂

Monish– nothing like that, I will check with others as well mostly will shift to someday in this week in evening to cover it up.

Ayesha– Thanks. You take care guitar guru. Gn

Monish– 🙂 Gn and thanks.

There was no “bye” said, both went to bed smiling and Monish was actually feeling better. He kept thinking about the hazel eyes and suddenly Bob Dylan played in his head, he sept with that Dylan song on his lips,

“The future for me is already a thing of the past,
You were my first love and you will be my last”

Monish got up feeling fresh and decided to continue his class and hence informed the academy who routed his message to all including Ayesha. He dropped a note to Ayesha stating that he will ensure she catches up the missed part of today’s class and she was obliged to know that.

Weeks passed and talk between, Monish and Ayesha were frequent, they got to know each other in brief chats before they called the day off almost every day. Monish was getting in a zone to which he was unknown but he was always cautious of his words and manners.

It was Monish’s birthday and he had his parents in town. Ayesha wished him sharp at 12 am and demanded a birthday party with “THE BATCH”. Being a weekday he had a family dinner and the birthday was spent quietly with parents and siblings.

Monish took his entire batch to lunch after the following Saturday’s class. During the lunch Monish & Ayesha were together all the time. When all were leaving he asked Ayesha if he can drop her midway, to which she replied, “You anyway had too”.  While in cab Monish gathered some courage and asked, “Do you like wine?” . Ayesha was pondering, where that came from and said, “why do you think I like wine?”. He replied, “I saw once in your dp so thought”. She smiled in a way that swept Monish away, “yes I love red wine, are you treating me again?”

“Do you want to drop by in evening at my place, I can order some food and you can teach me how to drink wine” he said smiling. A pause and she replied looking out of the cab’s window, “Ok at 8 pm but Chinese and I will get the wine”. The plan was set and he dropped her midway in great satisfaction. There was something flying in their stomachs, may be it was called “butterflies” but to them it was like “flying dragons”.

Sharp at 8 pm the bell rang and Ayesha was there standing on his door holding a bottle of wine, with a lace ribbon bow. She was wearing a white striped dress, with her hair tied and pink cheeks. Monish invited her in and couldn’t resist himself, he said “you look like a Barbie”. Ayesha burst into laughter and said where did he found out so much about Barbies. They laughed to this but Ayesha stole a look in midst admiring the laughing face of Monish and to his compliment to her. She shook and kissed him on his cheeks while handing over the bottle, “Happy Birthday Again!!!”


They drank and chatted with mild country music playing in back drop looking at the greenery and the streetlights glazing outside. Both were tipsy and accidently Ayesha dropped some wine on her dress. She immediately ran to wash it with water and in bargain smothered the dress a little more.

“Can you lend me a t-shirt if you don’t mind, till this dries up?’’ Monish gave her a t-shirt which was slightly bigger in size. While she was changing, he sat on his bean bag and took out the guitar and started playing a tune. In about 5 mins she entered the living room.

In the low light of the lamp she looked like a deity in an oversized t-shirt equally matching the length of her dress. Her staggering steps and the drunken shimmer in those hazel eyes were inducing something inside Monish’s heart. He looked at her, stroked a note on the string and sang:

“Laid my head upon you

Your arms encircled me,

It was, My Love, as if we were

What God meant us to be…”

She smiled. With tipsy steps she came closer with the wine bottle in one hand, removed the guitar and sat on his lap. Engulfing her arms around his shoulders she kissed him on his nose and rested her head on his chest.

While Dylan kept playing in background,

She fell asleep and he fell in love…………!!


Eccentric Hues!!

Ding!! The doorbell rang for the 2nd time.

Reema was too reluctant to open the door and kept raising eyebrows in the kitchen where she was again reluctantly preparing lunch. Ding Ding Ding !!!!! Here it goes for 5th time and hence Reema decided to walk towards the treacherous door. She with heavy hands unlocked the door to discover Sunny standing with a plastic bag in his hands.

“Hii, Reema Bhabhi”, he said in great smile and enthusiasm. Reema smiled and partly avoided the hand shake and attempted hug. She escorted Sunny in and made him sit on the couch in the living room. Sunny was one of the friend of Mayank, Reema’s husband.

Reema went to kitchen and got a glass of water for Sunny. Handing over the glass to him, she sat on the plastic chair kept opposite to the sofa where Sunny was seated. Sunny grabbed the glass and gulped the water. Keeping the glass on the centre table, he enquired, “Where the hell is Mayank, is the bastard still sleeping.” He kept staring at Reema who almost tried to dodge the question and was busy making a bun of her distorted hair. “Bhabhi where is Mayank”, he added again.

“Can you just call me Reema yaar, what Bhabhi and all.”, said Reema in a sudden irritated tone. Sunny was taken aback with this sudden reaction of her and staring at her he queried again, “Is Mayank not home?”

“No”, replied Reema getting up from the sofa. Sunny was startled to hear this and almost looked lost staring at Reema’s face. “The moron just called me an hour back saying come over for lunch and has now disappeared, where the hell he went?” Reema stopped her steps which she stared towards the kitchen and replied,” Ask him only, I too was asked to make food for you both and then he gets a call from work and rushed to office for an issue in some data software.” The dismay on the face of Reema was very evident and somewhere Sunny was getting the reason behind the changed behavior of her today.

“This guy will never respect anyone yaar, he called me in such short notice and actually insisted me to drop in for lunch today only.”, said Sunny. Reema was almost in kitchen by now and started to stirring the gravy kept on the gas oven. “Help yourself with T.V Sunny, the remote is kept on the table.”, shouted Reema from the kitchen. Sunny got the idea and switched on the television and got engaged.


It was a usual Saturday morning when Reema a full time house wife had mentioned to Mayank, her husband to take her out for lunch as she was in no mood for cooking. The reality was she wanted to break free from some boredom of her usual life. Mayank, who for some reasons told her that he wants to call over his friend Sunny as Reema had not met him. Reema had a short tiff on this with Mayanak on this but had little control over the situation. To make the situation worse Mayank asked her to make dishes which was his favorite. Reema was furious and disappointed but little she was able to do to make her feel better. Life for her was falling apart in front of her own eyes.

The Present

Reema kept staring at the pressure cooker until the it whistled and broke her dream. She looked wrecked today and so lost that she didn’t even bothered to change her night dress considering a guest expected at home. The food was ready and she arranged the dining table in 5 mins.

“Let’s eat?”, she asked Sunny from the corner of the living room. “Are we not waiting for Mayank?”, he inquired. Reema shook her head and took a pause, taking a deep breath she said, “Why don’t you call and check with your friend SUNNY”.

Sunny took his mobile and dialed Mayank’s number. The call did not go through, he dialed again but the result was the same. Getting up from the couch he said, “don’t think so he can join in soon and I have to make a move also, so let’s eat.” He sat at the dining table and praised Reema for the amazing smell of the food. Reema served him and sat to the chair next to his. Sunny started eating with much interest in the food served and totally missed that Reema did not serve food for herself. He realized in 2 minutes and stopped. “Bhabhi youuuuu, oh sorry Reema you aren’t eating as well?” Reema politely denied as she had had a late breakfast and requested him to carry on.

Sunny got the idea of Reema’s off situation today. He asked, “Are you ok Reema, what’s the matter? I am noticing that you are quite in lost state today. Are things fine at home?” Reema kept staring at Sunny and said nothing. “Things are not fine SUNNY (she insisted on his name for strange reasons), Mayank is behaving strange from past few months. I am breaking down now”, she added while lowering her head over the table. There was a silence for next 10 minutes while Sunny finished his food and looked at Reema, “Relax things will be fine Reema”, he said to her with much of concern.

“No Sunny, things aren’t right and I have a fear of where things are leading. Mayank says he loves me but he also says that this 5 years of marriage has stolen away the sheen of it. I am fearing he is dating someone. He doesn’t share things with me anymore, talks less these days.”, said Reema looking at Sunny. “Oh I see”, added Sunny.

“Not only this but he doesn’t even hug me now and….and” she stopped suddenly. Turning her face away from him she said, “he doesn’t even have sex with me now and it makes me feel wretched” The revelation of this shocked Sunny and he turned his face to other side with embarrassment and said, “what are you saying Bhabhi, I mean Reema. This is unexpected but has he told you any reason for this ever or hinted anything.”

Reema gets up from the table and started gathering the dishes. Walking towards the kitchen where Sunny followed her for washing his hands, Reema told him that Sunny once mentioned that he still thinks she is good looking and he would have surely attracted to her if she was not his wife. This revelation startled Sunny at bit. Reema handed Sunny a bowl of cut fruits and they sat on the sofa. “I don’t know Sunny what to do may be you….” She stopped realizing she was asking too much from him. Reema got too much upset and gathering the tears in her eyes and went inside her room to avoid the crying in front of him. She sat on her bed and wiped her tears.

Sunny followed her and sat beside her. He faced her and said,” You are a great lady Reema and I am not feeling great about such fears of yours.”

Reema outbursts in tears. Sunny held her and wiped her tears. The situation was taking some turns suddenly. Sunny kept holding Reema’s shoulders and suddenly leans forward and kissed her forehead. Reema goes back a little but guess the situation had already made a move. Sunny leans further and kissed her lips in his sudden reaction. In another few seconds they both were kissing vigorously on the bed. Sunny held himself a bit back and suddenly got up realizing what was happening but Reema pulled him close again.

They undressed each other and made love as if there was no tomorrow, twisting and turning on that bed which had not witness Reema relishing her married life for her physical less but love desires since long. Sunny was kissing at places which made Reema moan to pleasures as if he knew all her soft points. Sunny was all over her and kept stroking her till she orgasm multiple times


Months passed and today was just another day again when Reema and yet another friend of Mayank were pleasing each other’s sexual urge in her house while he was away. Today was short one and they finished quickly. Reema got up from the bed and wore her nighty. She placed herself in front of the dressing table and started gathering her looks. She was fuming suddenly and in irritation threw the comb toward the man on her bed. “What the fuck you crazy, it would have hit my eyes you sick women”, shouted he.


“I am going sick here, till when are we going to do this. I feel like a slut every time you fuck me like this, don’t you get this” shouted Reema. He got frustrated bad and got up from the bed, shouting back at Reema he said, “Not again yaar, we have discussed this multiple times now, let things go the way they are, PLEASE!”

“NO, things can’t be like this MAYANK anymore, I am sick of this psyched behavior now.”

There was a sudden silence as if Reema unlocked a forbidden lock. He snapped back, “Dare you call me that you bitch, Its Shumbham”

“No Its not MAYANK, I am sick of getting fucked by my own husband every week, who comes home plotting a friends visit and with different names. For God’s sake I am your wife and I can’t fill your fantasies anymore of fucking unknown women for which you don’t even have the balls in reality to do. You incompetent rascal.”

Mayank was fuming in anger with this outrage of Reema. He grabs her neck and banged her head on the mirror. Pressing her with force he shouts, “How dare you sick women, I had told you not to discuss this ever, how dare you”

Reema struggled and in chocked up voice pleaded, “leave me Mayank please, I can’t do this anymore. I can’t keep hearing you calling me Bhabhi and then fulfilling your desires of having sex with me where ever you want the way you want, for one time love me as your wife.”

Mayank was going mad the more he was hearing his name, he slapped her hard enough that Reema fell on the floor. She was weeping aloud and finally gave in to the torture. She got up rubbing her eyes, “Sorry Shubham, I got upset at you for no reason, forgive me”.

Mayank smiled and held her and hugged her. He kissed her neck with one hand groping her ass and other hand slipping inside her bra, he reached the sobbing women’s ear and whispered, “let’s do it in the kitchen next time……”

Reema did not last much with such a man and killed him one day. She ringed the police station and surrendered and was imprisoned for 5 years after being proved victim of circumstances but she committed a crime.

Mayank, her husband from an arranged marriage turned to his true colours in 1st year of their marriage who fantasied other women and pretended to invite himself to his own house as a friend who ended up having sex with his wife. Reema a simple woman from small town was forced to give in for 5 years and finally she broke down. Raged to level one day she killed him while having sex with rigorous stabbing with a knife.

Human race is strange in its own manner.

Distress of the Anonymous

He had her favorite flowers in his hand, while Sunny stood like a statue in front of her door. There was a turmoil in his head, some atypical spell had got him there, he wasn’t sure of his presence. Sunny reached his trousers’ pocket and took out his hankie, he was perspiring. It was quite an unusual body behavior of his in this month of mid-September in a cool city like Bangalore.
Sunny got a few steps back down from her door and tried to get some grip on himself, his hands were quivering. “What is wrong with me, why am I losing it?” he said to himself. His inner self was scared and growing feebler with every passing minute. He took the stairways and went down the building. It was dusk time and there was not much of crowd. Sunny got himself a bottle of water and sat down near the entrance, he was probing his self. He guzzled the small bottle and realized he was panting, his heart was pounding with an increasing speed as if this was the last lap of 1000 meter race and now it needed to pace up. Sweat dripped from his face but he made sure the flowers were untouched, they lingered. He remembered how these flowers, the orchids made Preeti smile, her innocent face and miraculous sneer infused life in him. Sunny realized he was smiling.
He raised his eyes and looked at Preeti’s apartment; the living room had the lights on, he knew she was there.
“I am not at home tomorrow, my sister has suddenly come down and I need to be with her”, Pretti’s lines a day prior to today keep eating Sunny from within. She had not answered any calls since then and messages were not replied. Only a single message in entire day, “Busy….not @ home” 5 mins before Sunny had arrived in front of her apartment’s door. His heart was now dropping, he knew something was wrong. They had not being in good terms past 1 month and Preeti never said she loves him.
The thought of her being at home with someone has broken him from inside, he was at his acumens end, and he just saw two shadows on the curtain, his eyes dampened.
Sunny closed his eyes and Preeti’s face was right in front, her innocence, her smile. Sunny had met Preeti 6 months back in the city library. They got close and were good friends in no time. Preeti needed him and Sunny had his world in her in 2 months’ time. Everything was there in front of his eyes, like a movie on the wall in front of him, he was gazing the blank. “I should let her go”, he said to himself and got up. His legs were trembling as he took a step ahead onto the road. He stopped after 2 steps, he couldn’t move as if his bases were pivoted with some heavy chain. His heart cried and the crave to see her weaken his just taken decision.
He turned and reached the steps. He started climbing frantically as if he was just possessed by some life-force. In no time he was standing in front of the same door which he wasn’t able to knock few minutes back. He looked at the entrance; the same lock was hanging which he had given her when Preeti moved in that apartment. He took a deep breath and progressed ahead. His hands were too heavy to press the doorbell.
Sunny’s heart pulverized once again, an unknown fear had engulfed him completely. He had just heard a male laugh from inside. Tears rolled and he moved back. With heavy legs he once again climbed down. Still he made sure the flowers were ok. He was in love, rather in love of his life.
He sat in his car and started without looking back. It took him 30 minutes to reach his home. All through the way all the good moments he had cherished, which he spent with Preeti. He was broken. He flung open his flat’s door.
“You idiot where have you been, I have been here waiting past an hour planning this stupid surprise for you”, Preeti’s voice tore apart his ears. He stood awestruck as if he has seen some ghost. Preeti perceived the expression and addressed the orchids. She came close, took the flowers and shook forward; she kissed him on his cheeks. Sunny was all cold.
“I am sorry I fought with you, but I just realized I can’t stay without you…..I love you!!!” Preeti declared. Sunny almost lost conscious. He hugged her tight, said nothing and she understood.
“You know my sister got his husband along and I had to lie to them just because I wasn’t at harmony and wanted to see you and don’t know where were you lost, now come I have got your favorite Chinese noodles. Let’s eat and then drop me back I am late”, Preeti’s words solaced him.
He was still in a shockwave; he smiled and held her…..!!